Monday, February 16, 2015

hip to be square inner colours.

The is a little rag quilt made with 2.5 inch squares. It was a challenge with Pat Sloan to use scraps this way. I made and error in sewing the blocks together and the fringe is now on the back of the quilt. This is the other side of this little rag quilt. I bought the fleece in 10 inch blocks. Got a pack of about 20 or so for $4.00 at Mennonite thrift store in Calgary. For Pat Sloan's challenge " hip to be square", I just made this quilt this size but I am still expanding on it. I have now added a row of 4 to each side and I am working on the other to sides so it will be a bit bigger. Just to small at the present size. Happy quilting, Carol

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Feb. 8, 2015

Well, that didn't work. Maybe I will try again later and do it directly from Pat's site instead of from my facebook page, as I did with the first try.

Hip to be square challenge hopefully this opens as I have copied it. I was unable to upload it. It is my Hip to be square challenge suggested by Pat Sloan. She actually uploaded it to her site for me and then I copied it. Managed for it to copy ok onto Facebook. Now am trying it here. So this if the front. I had meant for the fringe to be on this side. I sewed the blocks together the wrong way. So now this rag quilt has this block on the back and not the front.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Feb. 7, 2015

Wow it is Feb. 7 already. Where does the time go. I am currently working on Pat Sloan's Vacation b.o.m. I have the second block done. And also on her Hip to be square challenge. I have many, many block done for that one. I finished a small rag quilt with my blocks and entered it into her draw. I made a big mistake on it be it will stay the way is it. I have the fringe on the side that I had intended for the back but oh while that is just the way it will have to be. I am planning on another border of different blocks too but didn't have time to get that far for this challenge so it is just a very small rag quilt at the moment. I have been working on liners for Days for Girls along with my other sewing. I really need to get back to my husbands quilt. Think I have decided on the blocks for the outer border but haven't got that started yet. Maybe I will get that started today. Happy quilting. Carol

Monday, February 2, 2015

a guild member denim cathedral window quilt. Belongs to Ann S. This is on my to do list. Cold again today. minus 14 at the moment. Off to Strathmore today for a dentist appt. and shopping. Hopefully some sewing in the afternoon. Happy quilting, :)Carol