Saturday, December 28, 2013

another tinner challenge

This is another of the dinner challenges. I don't know what the theme is for this one. I believe it is from the second group or at least I have not seen it in my group yet. Hard to believe that Christmas is all over already. We had a nice time. Had dinner on Dec. 23 and met my son's girlfriend for the first time. All went well. Then on Dec. 25 both kids were home. Opened gifts in morning and went to Dave's brothers for dinner. A very nice day as well. We got a bit of a freezing storm last night. Seems ok this morning but the evening was really windy. Got the quilt I am making for Dave about half done. I am doing quilt as I go and the center is done. I just have to do the borders now. Happy quilting to all :)Carol

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dec already

These are 2 of the tinner challenge items from my guild. Each person that wanted to take part, brought in a tin and $10.00. The organizer purchased a focus fabric for each tin. Then there was a theme or pattern for each tin. I think the one on the left was Christmas and the one on the right was Garden. We are still working on the tins. We are not sure how they go to each of us after but we will find out some time this spring. It has been fun. We had 2 groups. 11 in one and I think 12 in the other. Christmas is almost upon us....Merry Christmas to all and All the best in the new year. Happy quilting. Carol