Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jenn's horse panel quilt and rr 2005 guild quilt

Sunday Sept 30, 2007

It took 3 times to upload with one. Don't know why.

These quilts were folded in half because of spacing. The one on the far left was part of the guild round robin. I did the ribbon on the second round of this one.

The quilt in the middle is a panel quilt that I made for my daughter. Again I machine quilted the long seams and hand quilted the panel of horses. I put flannel of horses in brown on the back. When I made this quilt the flannel was only in brown. Awhile after I had this one done they came out with the same flannel in blue. It is a twin size quilt.

I've one more evening to work tonight and then I'm off for 2 days. I have gotten a little quilting in. I decided to add another blue border to my paint chip challenge. Just added the last side yesterday. When I get another picture taken I'll post it. Now I can start to think about the backing on this one and get it quilted. I also have sewn through my "tag" pile so I'll have to start and pin again for a new pile to sew. My serging pile is growing as some of the tag pieces are done.

Bye for today and happy quilting

:) CArol

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Guild round robin 2005(Jean's)

This is a round robin that I worked on for a guild member.

I set up this rr using the same rules as the online one that I had taken part in during 2003/04. The centre block of this one goes to the yellow round. I did the next round. I found the twisted ribbon block pattern online and really liked them. This is the first quilt that I used them in. I've done them a few times now. I just added the twisted ribbon on 2 sides and the narrow blue border on the other 2 sides. Now that I remember the other blue was there when I got the top. So I guess I was the 3rd person to work on this one, not the second. I really liked how it turned out though.

Well guess that's it for now. I have to work again this afternoon. 3 till 930pm

Happy quilting

;) Carol

Friday, September 28, 2007

southwest eagle panel quilt

Friday Sept. 28, 2007
Well, I'm done work for the day and playing on the computer again.
Another quilt of mine at the quilt show last year.
The blue one is one that I made for my daughter a couple of years ago. The centre panel is southwest Indian. It's kind of hard to see here. I machine quilted the long seams and hand quilted the centre panel. It was a fleece backing.
I just wrote the title in and it came down already typed . I hope that I haven't already posted this one.
Hope you all had a good day.
Bye for now.
:) Carol

Dolphin sampler quilt

Thurs. Sept. 28,2007

This was one of the first classes I took when I started quilting.

My quilt is the sampler in blue. I call it my dolphin quilt.

This was a class done using the book "Quilts, quilts, quilts" I did stiple quilting on the outside border. Machine quilted in the ditch for the long seams and then hand quilted the rest, inside the blocks. It was a fun course doing this one. The quilts are hanging here at our quilt show at the Strathmore fair August, 2006. It was a 5 day event. A little too long for most of us. We usually have a quilt show every 2 years. Don't know if we plan to use the Strathmore fair again. Likely but I think that we will go for less days. It was hard getting volunteers for 5 days.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thurs. Sept. 27, 2007

I'm typing but there wasn't any header. It's there now. Off to look for a picture.

I didn't see this one before uploading. It is a picture of Jenn on the dark horse and Kelsey (her friend) on the paint. They are in the coral at out house.

Second one is not too great. It is our side yard though. There is a canal behind to coral a little bit. Guess I'll stop trying for a good picture I'll have to go look offline and check out the pictures first so I know what numbers to upload next time.

I worked evenings tonight and I'm just playing a bit before bed. Dave is off tomorrow. The kids still have school. I'm still on evenings for 3 more.

Have a good day tomorrow


:) Carol

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New sewing machine

Wednesday, Sept. 26.
Where has Sept. gone. Here is another round robin I worked on in 2003. It is a little difficult to see the colour. If I remember correctly, it was a paper pieced border. Don't know how this one finished up either.
I was very fortunate the other day. Walmart had a Singer machine on sale. I've been having problems with the tension on my Husquavarna 500 so, We went looking. I actually didn't get the Singer. I got a Brother machine. It is not computer like the singer was but it came with a walking foot and a darning foot so I went for it. Now I have some zigzag stitches again. I've been using them to do top stitching with my charity quilts.
Seems to work pretty good. I've done a little sewing on it since I brought it home.
I also had a little bit of computer problems over the last week. Our computer was running really slowly, so we did a disk cleanup, defragged it and scanned it again. Didn't find any viruses so we also deleted alot of emails. Figure that they might have been slowingl the computer down a bit.
Anyway, I'm working evenings for the next 5 days. Today is a little longer as I'm starting at 1pm instead of 3 but I'll likely try to get online in the morning for a bit.
Better go and get a few things done before I have to go to work. Kids left for school about 1/2 hour ago.
Take care and Happy quilting
:) Carol

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

flying geese round robin 2003/04

I'm very confused, Hope I haven't posted this one twice. I know I saw it on one blog but I thought that it was sq. It may be here and with dialup I'm not going off this page to check.

Anyway, this is the first round robin I did online and the first member of that group. I never did get to see this one finished.

Sure would like to .


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kim's september morn block

Kim's September Morn.

This is the test block that I made for Kim. I really liked doing it. I just love my colours but they were all scraps as I don't have any more like them. Haven't decided what to do with this block but I'll think of something

I've just spend some time at block central and I can't find this block but hopefully it is okay for me to post it anyway.

I did get some sewing in today, mostly on my charity quilts. Hope you all had a good day.

Night for now,


Another round robin from 2003/04

Here is another online round robin I worked on in 2003/04 I did the flying geese. I never did see this one when it was finished. I'll have to go back and find out who owned it and see if I can see the finished product. I liked it so far.
I've been online since about 10 and it's 1pm so I guess I'd better go do something else.
A friend from my guild sent me a site with free bom patterns for pp pinwheel patterns. I've been copying them to email so I can print them out. I have 5 of the 12 done but I'd better stop that for now too.
:) Carol

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Retreat product 2006 November

Thurs. Sept. 20

I didn't get a chance to write last night, I was online for a bit reading but had not started to write yet, when my hubby got a phone call on his cell phone from an old friend.

I got off line so they could talk. It was too late to get back on when they finished so I headed for bed instead. I had to work today.

The above 2 pieces were done by me at last years guild retreat.

The left one is a wall hanging I made from a panel for my secret pal for Christmas.

The right one is an unfinished block from the precision sewing class of Joanne Middleton that is the same pattern as the one in the centre of my paint chip challenge. They look quilt different.

Haven't gotten to my sewing machine the last couple of days. I'll try to do some tomorrow morning. I am working evenings tomorrow. 3pm till 9:30. Then I'm off for a few days.

Happy sewing,

:) CArol

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Paint chip challenge

Tuesday Sept. 18

My day off. It was great. Cleaned the first part of the morning. Friends of Dave's parents were flying into Calgary and using one of our vehicles to drive down the Blairmore where Dave's parents live. Dave picked them up from the airport(his office is there) and brought them here to get the truck. They didn't stay very long. Just used the bathroom, we loaded up the fish tank in the back to take to Dave's parents and off they went.

Dave and I had lunch and talked and then it was time for me to go to my craft guild meeting.

Had fun at that. Our craft was learning to Quill. Unfortunately, I liked it. So new I have another thing that I like to do. I can see myself doing some of this. Katie, taught us how to do the basic shapes that are used to make so many things. I'm not surprised that I liked it but I don't know when I'm going to find time for all the things that I like to do.....maybe I should stop working outside the home again. Now that the kids are in high school, I'd have alot more time to do my crafts. Don't think Dave would go for that. It thinks it is my turn to work and he'll stay home. He's working on that. For about 5 years I worked 4-6 days a month. Starting last Dec. I started a temporary line that was 14 days a month. That line is now permanent.

He hasn't cut back yet though but he doesn't like his job much anymore. Too much politics in it.

So I'm going to try to insert a picture here. The last 2 pics went to the top of the letter instead of under my writing. I didn't try to move them though, I guess I could try that.

Here goes:It didn't get here on it's own. Went to the top left corner and I moved it. Is there something that I should be doing when I'm uploading it.
Guess I can continue to move it. It works.
The is the top from a Paint chip challenge my guild did. I think that I may still add one more border of the blue to finish it off.
The outside border at present is white. The challenge was that we had to reach into a bag and pick out a paint colour card. There at actually 3 colour choices on each one. My card is in the lower left corner of the top. We had to make the centre block using one of the colour combinations. Everyone used the same pattern for the centre. You could do what you wanted with it after that. We got the pattern from Joanne Middleton. She taught us to do precision quilting with this pattern. She gave us permission to use the pattern for this challenge. She just wants to see some finished items. We are planning to do a group picture at our Christmas meeting. Boy, did they look different with different fabrics. I used any extra blocks that I had cut in my borders.
Well, unfortunately, now I have to go back to work but only for the next 3 days. Wed and Thurs are my regular day shifts and I'm working an evening shift so another staff can attend a seminar. Our evenings at present are only 6 hours so it's not too bad.
Bye for now. Write later.
Keep sewing and sending pictures.
:) Carol

Monday, September 17, 2007

Charity quilts

Monday, Sept. 17

It's my stepdad's birthday today, he's 84 and still sailing a boat.

I actually did a bit of sewing today and took some pictures and then uploaded them from my camera.

Above pictures are two of my charity quilt tops. The one on the right is using swatches and old weekenders items(for longer pieces). They are sewn to dryer sheets as foundation. I serge around each piece when done then sew together. At present this one is 8 blocks by 8 blocks.
The one at the left is cotton mostly with some swatches from mens suiting (one of my guild members got a huge bag of swatches from a men's clothing store). She brought some to a meeting and I decided I would use some in my foundation quilts.
I also belong to a handicraft guild and our meeting is tomorrow. I'm not sure what we are doing this month. I didn't write down that we need to take any supplies so I guess it will be a surprise for me.
Better get offline. More later.
:) Carol
Make yourself a great day, only you can.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Log cabin round robin 2003-04

Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007

Well, I'm off work for 2 days. hurray!!!! Maybe I'll get some sewing done. I decided to use some of my charity foundation strips for quilt aprons to cover laps of residents in the long term care unit that I work on. I already for 3 strips sewn together a length of 8 blocks. I just need to add 1 more strip(already to go) and then back it with fleece and add a long belt at the top for the tie around part and I can take one to work. I'll try to get some pictures of what I mean in the next 2 days.

The above quilt is the same round robin group. I did the last border or log cabin blocks and butterflies. This one was also done in 2003/2004. I would not have minded ending up with this one. I believe we had a month for each round.

Hope you all have a good day.

:) Carol

Saturday, September 15, 2007

round robin I worked on

Sat. Sept 15,2007

Hi, Well, It's just lovely here today. I think it's around 24 degrees C. That's in the 70's. 80F =30C.

Anyway, I've been working days. My hubby came home yesterday so didn't get online for very long. Not long enough to write a message anyway. No sewing either.

The picture is of a round robin that I worked on during 2003/2004. I did the outer round.
This picture does show it too well. I'll have to look up a better picture . I can't remember just what I did for it. I really like the centre block of this one.

I hope to get some quilting done Monday evening. I'm out Monday morning for awhile.
I am planning on starting to work on an online class for learning how to make postcards.

I have the tutorials from the teacher. We were to start today but I wasn't up to that after work today. I'm off Monday and Tuesday so we'll see that happens.

Have a good day tomorrow.
:) Carol
Make yourself a great day, only you can.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lighthouse and sailboats

Sept. 12, 2007

Well , another day is almost at an end. At least it is for me. It's 9:30 pm but I'll have to head to bed soon. I'm up just after 5am to get out of the house by 6 and to work by 7am

I didn't get any sewing done today. I did get into my sewing room though to get all the rest of my stuff ready for tomorrow nights guild meeting. First of the season. I actually have show and tell for them. I'm taking the dolphin wall hanging, a challenge piece that we started in April. It's just a top yet. I don't know if it totally done yet but I'm taking it anyway. It was our paint chip challenge. One member went to a paint store and got alot of those picture type sample that show 3 colour combination for a room. We had to reach into a bag, pick one and then make a quilt top using a specific pattern with the colour choices whether we liked them or not. Should be interesting to see.

Picture at the top is the quilt I made for my parents 35th anniversary. I did the center piece at a class taught by Lorriane Stagness. She has several books out. She also lives near here.
The center piece was pinned to a wall for 3 or 4 years waiting for an idea as to how to finish it.
Then with this anniversary coming I decided it would be perfect for them. They both sail and like lighthouses . I had done the twisted ribbon pattern in a recent round robin and really liked the look of it so then I just had to find fabric. I hated to give this one away....but being to my mom some day it will come back. And they get to use it in the mean time.

Well I guess I should head to bed. Good night till we meet again,
:) Carol

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

End of the day (Horse pic)

Where did it go, the day that is. I did do some laundry. Got ready most of my stuff for my Thursday night Guild meeting. Looked for some quilting stuff in my sewing room, that was an adventure.

Sewed 2 wheat bags for my secret pal's anniversary gift. This may give me away but I can't think of what else to get for the 2 of them. My pail of wheat had gone dry so I needed to find another bucket and I did. I'll have to get more soon though, Christmas is coming.

I just check the speed of my dialup and found I'm on at only 21.6 kbps. If I'd realized that I would have redialed. Too late now.

This is our horse. At the top of the note. That was a year ago May but he hasn't changed alot.
His name is Counterstike. He gets called Count. The love of my daughter's live at the moment.
She's 14. Actually so is Count, come to think of it.
Daughter unfortunately, needs this computer for her homework and it's getting late so I guess I had better let her use it. We both need to get to bed. I'm up at 5:30 tomorrow for work.
Goodnight all.
Bye for now.
:) Carol

Monday, September 10, 2007

This is a quilt I made last fall for my neice Sam and her new husband. I started with the panel. Used polar fleece for my backing and batting. Hand quilted the middle panel. Prepared top and bottom borders, Hand quilted them with diagonal lines and added them to quilt with a quilt as you go method. Then prepared the long side borders and did the same. It was a relatively quick quilt for me to do. They liked it and it was nice to be able to make a quilt for them. I knew their wedding date at least a year ahead but of course I didn't start it till a couple of months before it was needed.
The material with the writing on it , is the marriage vows, over and over. I originally bought the fabric for a different wedding gift but never finished that one. That couple lives in Japan and I just never got that one very far. I have about 8 blocks on my design board for that one and that is where it sits. Good thing they done know about it. I think that they have been married for 7 or 8 years now.
Oh well maybe I will finish that for their tenth anniversary.
More next time. Bye for now
:) Carol

Sunday, September 9, 2007

test block done

Well, I did get a bit of sewing done today. I finished a test block I am doing for Kim at Block Central. I think that it turned out pretty good. I like the colours that I did it in. I used donation fabric so now the block will have to go into a charity quilt. Oh well, it will be nice for someone.

I've been playing with my pictures today. If I sent them to myself and then put them into a special file , I will beable to upload without much problem and then make them smaller.

Hubby is off to Winnipeg for work tomorrow. I'll hopefully get some extra time to sew.
It's always nice when he gets back home though.

Just tried uploading and it's not working. Copy and paste did not work either. Wonder what I did differently this . Well have to look at it tomorrow.
Goodnight, :) Carol

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thought that I'd try one more picture for tonight and then call it quits.
This picture isn't the best angle but this is my finished fractured quarter top
I still haven't decided how to finish and quilt it.

Second try

Now I need to see if I remember how to do this without my daughter standing over my shoulder.

This is a round robin that I worked on. It was called Fractured Quarter. Each person started with a fq and then cut, added a 5 inch strip and cut again. It was fun. I still haven't decided what to do with my finished top. (text edited for picture as requested.)

I can't remember if I was the last person on hers. I think I may have been.

Posting now to see if the picture comes through.


We are going to watch the masters at Spruce Meadows today. We don't go every year but frequently.
Hope it doesn't rain today. Looks nice and sunny at the moment. They have had rain already though
during the week.
I did get a little sewing done yesterday but not much. Went shopping with my daughter after she got home
from school. They have early Fridays. She was home by 1:30. Didn't get home from shopping till 7:30.
We were looking for new jeans or pants for her. Tried on some but they didn't fit right. Came home without any.
We did get groceries and into a thrift shop. Bought some books. My feet were very sore when we got home and I was very tired. So after I ate I just vegged in front of the t.v.
About 11pm went to sewing room and did a little bit more on charity quilts. The block I'm testing, I resewed the seams on the other machine but I'd left the directions upstairs so didn't press seams open because I know that the direction suggested a certain way to press so I'll try to get going on that later tonight.

This was a test. I finally got my daughter to show me how to do this. I can now add pictures to my
Now I'll have to start to take alot more pictures with my camera.

Better go and get ready to leave. Bye for now.
:) Carol

Friday, September 7, 2007

Changed machines

Well, I got frustrated with my husquavarna. I couldn't get the tension right. I keep getting loops on the bottom. I adjusted the tension, I changed the needle I changed the thread in top and bottom. I gave up finally. I hauled out my singer featherweight. Works great Now I'm back in business.
I am testing a block , so I got a little resewing done on it. Pinned somemore charity blocks, Serged some completed charity blocks. Also finished sewing together a eye glass case I was making.
Well, this is short but I need to get the kids ready for school.
:) Carol

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Last day of holiday

The picture I posted yesterday, that is much too big, is the view from our house, to the west of course. It was taken in the fall. The colours in the sunset during the fall are much more vivid then the rest of the year. Sunrises are just as pretty too. I just love to watch them.
I did a little quilting last night. Maybe an hour or so on my charity quilts. I'll take more pictures after I figure out how to make them smaller before they are uploaded. Anyone out
there have any tips or ways to do that I would be extremely grateful.
:) Carol

Monday, September 3, 2007

New site

I am new to this site. I am married to a great guy for 18years. We have 2 kids. Chris is 17 and Jenn is 14. I love to quilt but also do some other crafts as well. I just got into blogging about 1 week ago and I'm trying to decide what to do , so I'm trying out a few sites. I have really enjoyed reading other peoples blogs and seeing what they have been doing and are working on.
I haven't figured out the picture uploading as my pictures are too big. I haven't done much with my pictures other then download them from the camera. Hope to hear from some of you.
I was on Karen's site and decided to give this blog a try as well.
Have a good day.
:) Carol