Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jenn's horse panel quilt and rr 2005 guild quilt

Sunday Sept 30, 2007

It took 3 times to upload with one. Don't know why.

These quilts were folded in half because of spacing. The one on the far left was part of the guild round robin. I did the ribbon on the second round of this one.

The quilt in the middle is a panel quilt that I made for my daughter. Again I machine quilted the long seams and hand quilted the panel of horses. I put flannel of horses in brown on the back. When I made this quilt the flannel was only in brown. Awhile after I had this one done they came out with the same flannel in blue. It is a twin size quilt.

I've one more evening to work tonight and then I'm off for 2 days. I have gotten a little quilting in. I decided to add another blue border to my paint chip challenge. Just added the last side yesterday. When I get another picture taken I'll post it. Now I can start to think about the backing on this one and get it quilted. I also have sewn through my "tag" pile so I'll have to start and pin again for a new pile to sew. My serging pile is growing as some of the tag pieces are done.

Bye for today and happy quilting

:) CArol

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