Tuesday, September 11, 2007

End of the day (Horse pic)

Where did it go, the day that is. I did do some laundry. Got ready most of my stuff for my Thursday night Guild meeting. Looked for some quilting stuff in my sewing room, that was an adventure.

Sewed 2 wheat bags for my secret pal's anniversary gift. This may give me away but I can't think of what else to get for the 2 of them. My pail of wheat had gone dry so I needed to find another bucket and I did. I'll have to get more soon though, Christmas is coming.

I just check the speed of my dialup and found I'm on at only 21.6 kbps. If I'd realized that I would have redialed. Too late now.

This is our horse. At the top of the note. That was a year ago May but he hasn't changed alot.
His name is Counterstike. He gets called Count. The love of my daughter's live at the moment.
She's 14. Actually so is Count, come to think of it.
Daughter unfortunately, needs this computer for her homework and it's getting late so I guess I had better let her use it. We both need to get to bed. I'm up at 5:30 tomorrow for work.
Goodnight all.
Bye for now.
:) Carol

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