Monday, October 31, 2011

Another guild show and tell item. Hard to believe that it is almost Nov. Christmas will be here before we know it.
I have been spending some time in my sewing room. I need to get my stuff ready soon for my quilting retreat. Hope I don't have issues with the last day of it , getting the time off. All my shifts are filled but the Sunday at this moment but I just found out that one of our staff will be having surgery. Hope this does not change things.
We have a 60% chance of snow today. This will be the first if it comes. We have had a warmer fall then usual. Guess it has to happen sometimes and Halloween night is a normal time for snow.
Happy quilting to everyone.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

This is a quilt that a guild member brought for show and tell. Thought that I would share it.
I just got back for my nurse's union annual general meeting. It was 3 days and very good. I
learned alot.
I am at present on days off. Go back to work on days, on Wed. for 5 shifts in a row. Always a busy time.
We are celebrating my father in laws 80th birthday on Sunday. I am not sure yet if I can get the day off.
We will drive to Blairmore in the morning and home on Sunday evening. It is 3 hours each way. Should be fun.
Hope I can go too. I have to start planning what I will be sewing on my quilting retreat. It comes up in the middle
of Nov. Looking forward to getting alot done.
Happy quilting.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

This picture is from 2010 quilt show at Lorraine Stagness's show. I didn't get to this years show as I was away. It's been a bit since I posted. We have been busy purging the basement and laying laminate in the spare room and livingroom. Things are almost back to usable in both rooms. Still working on the basement. That will be a much longer job. I finally got a little sewing done in the last 2 days. My 6 Bragg creek storm blocks are quilted and ready to do quiltasyougo sewing together. I decided I needed 8 blocks so I started making another block. I have a seventh one made but not bordered. So a little work left to do on that. Daughter is off to work. I'm off today.
Happy quilting,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On tractor

For a girl who grew up in a small town and then lived in the city, this picture was never in my future goals or dreams.
I was standing on the tractor to hold the stack in place well my hubby screwed in back on. Who would ever have thought I would end up living in the country and working with a tractor. Not something that I predicted, that's for sure.
Oh....where's my quilting

Saturday, August 27, 2011

This is a friendship block that I made in 2010. Summer is disappearing fast. Hard to believe next weekend is labour day weekend already. I'm still on vacation but have not made it to sewing room yet for any sewing time. Maybe today. So much to do so little time. Most of upstairs of house is now reorganized and purged. Still have mud room to do. Dave has Chris's bedroom painted and the carpet removed. Waiting on the flooring to come in. Had to order it. Putting laminate down. His room will be an office/entertainment room. I chose a lilac/beige paints for the walls. 2 walls of each colour. Lood good. Guess I need to take a picture.
Happy quilting everyone. Maybe one of these days for me.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aug. 23, 2011

Hard to believe it is so near the end of Aug. Will arrived back home from Ontario on July 20. My Mom flew home with us.
We just put her on the plane home this morning. She is likely about half way home by now.
The above picture is of a pouch I made for my pens and glasses. I wear this around my neck at work. It started out as a bag just for my glasses. I broke a pair by putting them in my pocket. That was about 7 or 8 years again. I have had several pouches since and this is my newest one. They keep wearing out.
My house is now about half organized. Mom is good at doing it and she didn't mind so that is alot of what we did while she was here. We did do a few day trips into the mountains and stores. Now I have to get the paper work done for my hours of work for the past year and send off and pay for my license so I can continue to work next year. Have to have it all done before the end of the month. I am still off on vacation till Aug. 30. Then I just work 2 evenings and have another 5 off. I think I can handle that.
Well, this was my break. Better get back to work on those papers.
Maybe I will beable to get into my sewing room sometime soon or 10 or 15 minutes. My goal would be that amount of time per day. Have to wait and see if I can manage it.
Happy quilting,


Monday, August 15, 2011

I may have already posted this pic but I haven't posted since June 27. Wow that's a long time.
This was a top I made very quickly but haven't decided on the finishing size or worked on it since.
My Dad passed away very quickly on June 29. I was in Ontario for about 2 weeks. Had hoped to arrived while he was still alive but He seemed to give up when the cancer had spread and I did not get there till July 6. The funeral was on July 7. I did get to see my aunts and uncles. I had not seen some of them in over 20 years. That part was really nice.
My mom came back with us and we have been cleaning and purging my collection of stuff ever since. I have not spent alot of time on the computer. I haven't had any time to sew. I am at present on holiday. My mom flies home on the 23rd. I will still have a week off so maybe I'll get a bit of time to sew then.
Hope everyone is having a great summer.
:)Carol near Indus, Langdon and Calgary, Alberta

Monday, June 27, 2011

Two more birthday blocks that were done for me in 2010.
I finally got the top of a baby quilt done yesterday. It is for my nephew and is really late. He is over 6 months already. I am getting it done so that I can take it to Ontario with me in July. Should have finished it a long time ago. I have it laid out and ready to pin in the morning. Hope to get it done tomorrow if I don't get side tracked with a daughter home all day. She has a friend over so maybe I'll be able to get it done before they even get up. I want to do a 15 minute challenge on the Inklingo blog as well.
I made myself a new pen holder for work tonight. Now I just have to embroider my name and RN on the front and it will be done.
I figure that I will do the embroidery while I watch the Y and R tomorrow. I know I started a to do list for before our trip too so I need to find that so that I can get organized for that too. We fly to Ottawa on July 6. Lots to do before that and I have to work 5 evenings. My husbands last day at work is June 30th so my evening shift days will be different with him home in the morning.
I may not get as much done as I usually do. Time will tell. Well, I guess that's it for tonight.
Happy quilting,


Friday, June 24, 2011

Birthday blocks done for me from an online group I belong to. This was the group in 2010. I will add a few more later. I had fun sending out monthly block to others on their birthday. These blocks are still ufo's. I haven't received all of them yet.
Life has been very busy lately. My daughter Jenn is now done high school. She will work for a year and then go to university.
She has taken a job selling Cutco knives. Hope she likes it. She is waiting to hear from other jobs that interested her. She could do this parttime if something else comes up. She is quite excited about it.
Happy quilting,

Sunday, June 19, 2011

guild show and tell quilt. Busy day at work. Enjoy

Friday, June 17, 2011

quilt show pic

Another quilt show gem. Today was busy at work but it all went well. No serious issues.
Hope to spent at least 30 minutes in my sewing room tonight. Chris is working days this weekend so will spend at least 2 nights at home and then go back to his apartment as he works evenings Monday and Tuesday.
I have 2 more days to work and then I get 2 days off.
I can believe how quickly that new jelly roll pattern has worked up. I have the last border done. Now I have to think about the backing. I'd like to use flannel but I don't have any that would work for it. I will have to give it more thought.
Happy quilting.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

This is a quilt from our guild show and tell in 2010. Thought I would share it.
Got to sew for about an hour last night but not sure about tonight. Maybe I'll so down for 15 minutes or so
Happy quilting

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

best ever jelly roll pattern

More views as I made the jelly roll pattern with my fat quarters and 2 metre of fabric.
I really enjoyed making this one.

Monday, June 13, 2011

jelly roll quilt idea

This is a picture of a free pattern I found online. The pattern did not show me a picture but it sounded like something I wanted to try. I changed it a bit. I didn't have a jelly roll but I have lots of fat quarters. So I decided to make the pattern using 5 fat quarters and 2 metres of fabric. I like the results. I put all the colours of fatquarter strips together in the same order each time. I had 1 metre of a pink and 1 metre of a purple. I added purple between each set of fat quarters. This is the first picture taken.
Tonight I added a second border but I haven't taken another picture yet. I really like how this is turning out.
Happy quilting everyone. I just started this last weekend . I didn't keep track of my time but it went together fairly quickly.
Of course I will have to quilt it now and get it finished.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

These are pictures from my trip to Iqualit with my hubby. It was on May 8, 2011. They still had ice and snow. It was about minus 10 both days. It was a neat experience to see it.
This last picture is of a new church they are building in the shape of an igloo.
Happy quilting.

Friday, May 27, 2011

I had this already typed up with photos and we lost internet. Then my hubby decided to click on this page to see if internet was working and I lost the page. Had to upload the pictures again. Now have to wait for that the happen and then I will post this.
This pics are. Jenn and her Grandpa McNab. Jenn and her Dad dancing at the grad dance and Jenn, Dave and myself in her room before we went out for dinner.
Happy quilting,

Jenn's grad May 20, 2011

I am trying to upload 3 at a time. We will see if it works.
Took Jenn to dinner and then we went to her banquet dance. I will have to post this to see which picture I got.
So just the last one worked. There most be an album button. Will have to look for it next time.
This is Jenn with her brother, Chris. He will be 21 this summer. It seems like just yesterday they were little. Where does the time go.
Happy quilting,

Jenn's grad May 20, 2011

My daughter Jennifer graduated this year. Here is one of her grad pics that we took at home. In her bedroom, she loves books.
Hard to believe we will have no kids in the public school system next year and that she is 18 already.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

This is a picture of the teachers sample for the art quilt class that I took awhile ago. Mine of course is still in the works. I don't have a darning foot for my machine at the moment and want to do some free motion quilting on the top so it is kind of on hold. I really have to get my husquvarna into the shop. I just can't the tension right on it. That machine has my darning foot and I've done alot of free motion with it but the little brother that I have doesn't have that foot. I think I already posted a pic of my top so far but I will check again when I post this message.
We started taking Christopher's bed apart now that he has moved out. Oh the garbage and junk under that bed. I'm not surprised but there sure was alot. We are going to us his old room as a t.v. /office
Well, guess I should have some breakfast and get some work done today.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

This a guild members quilt from show and tell. Thought I would share it.
I just got back from Iqualit. Hubby went there to work and I tagged along on a standby ticket. It was really nice to go there and see that it is like that far north. Still snow and ice. Temp was about -10 or so. Very sunny most of the time. There was a small snow storm on the second day we were there. The roads had been quite muddy the first morning and then on the second morning everything was hard again on the ground and no mud. Prices were high for most things. 4 litres of milk 2% was $12.95
12 cans of brand name pop....$17.99 2 litres ice cream....$17.99.....Breakfast at the hotel was $35.00 for 2.
Dinner the second night most items on menu were $49.00 an entree. I had Artic Char, Dave had Caribou medallions. Both were very good. We did alot of walking. Very steep hill down into the town from where we were staying. All houses and buildings are built off the ground on stilts as the permafrost would stift the foundations. So no basements.
Did have internet service and satilite t.v.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This is a pic of 2 of the blocks I made to make a disappearing nine patch. I have all the blocks done that I need but they are in my sewing room somewhere and I have not gotten around to cutting them yet. another ufo to find and finish.
We have been having snow. It is April 17. I sure hope it is done soon.
This is short but I need to head to bed. I'll try to post again soon.

Friday, April 8, 2011

I took a class in March about art quilting. It was alot of fun. This picture is mine in progress. I haven't started the embellishment yet on it. Interesting stuff. I really enjoyed the class. I have some embellishment done but it is not anywhere near done yet.
One more ufo.
I have to make some butter tarts this morning to take to work. We are doing a potluck for the hospital on Wed. This is the last shift I work before Wed so I have to make something that will store in the frig till then as I live 30mins from work and will not be in Strathmore till before my shift on Wed. I work evenings then. Usually go in early so I can enjoy the lunch too and help clean up.
Makes a longer day but it is only once a year. It is a small hospital and different areas of the hospital take turns with hosting potlucks. We have 4 or 5 a year.
I will be at our charity quilting day on Sat. Took a vacation day so I could attend. My guild does this every 2years. We make quilts and donate them to the local crisis centre in Strathmore and to the StoreFront school there as well. I'm looking forward to the day.
Most years we have 30 to 40 quilts made for this event.
Happy quilting,

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nov. retreat project of a friend. Table runner of Linda P. Just thought that I would share.
It is very difficult to believe that we are into April, especially since we are still getting snow. Hopefully that will stop soon.
My daughter graduated grade 12 this spring. Hard to believe that my baby is 18 and entering into adulthood. Where did the time go????
Happy quilting,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

This was being worked on at the last Nov. retreat (2010) I really liked it, the colours are great.

This is a quilt I made for my Dad. He recently had treatment for esphogeal cancer. Seems to be doing ok at the moment.'
He has enjoyed moose/deer hunting for years. The animal pics are in flannel so I wanted that on the back and I used a cotton with trees and birds for the front.
Happy quilting,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This is the gift that I made for my secret pal last Christmas. She likes cats as well as quilting.
I taught my epp bookmark class today. Went well. All seemed to enjoy. I made another one but it was for a member present that can't see too well. I didn't take any pictures.
I need to get some sewing done soon. I'm on evenings this week. Maybe I can get to my sewingroom a little tonight and some tomorrow morning. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Happy quilting,

Monday, March 14, 2011

This is a block I made using a Pat Sloan pattern that was free for a monthly challenge, from her blog. It was the challenge for Feb. I think. I need to go back and see if there is a new one now. I sewed the block to a premade cloth shopping bag from superstore.
I get to teach how to make the bookmark in the previous post to my craft class tomorrow.
Happy quilting,

Thursday, March 3, 2011

This is my first project,finished using inklingo. I printed the hexies on paper and handsewed the item.
I plan to teach this to my craft guild this month.
I have "flying swallow started using inklingo. The first time I printed on fabric.
I really need to spent more time in my sewing room. Unfortunately it has been very busy at work and I'm home and tired and time passes and I don't get to my quiet room.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

She's just so cute I had to put the other picture that she scanned into the computer. I'm home for work now and just checking stuff before heading to bed. It's 11:20pm I'm on evenings again tomorrow.
Had a good shift tonight.

My daughter was looking for a baby picture for her graduating year...yearbook. This is the one she choose.
I haven't really looked at these older pics in a long time. She turned 18 last month.
Time does fly. I'm off to work in a few minutes so this is very short.
Happy quilting,

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sunrise on morning in Jan. 2011 from my deck. Some of our sunrises and sunset are just awesome. I feel very blessed
to see so many of them.
Well another year was passed in my life. Today I turned a year older. What has happened to the years. They seem to fly by.
We took the kids out for lunch. Chris was working evenings so it had to be lunch instead of dinner. Had a lovely lunch with my family. Had lots of phone calls today as well, so that was very nice. I even got a little bit of sewing done.
Happy quilting to everyone.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I really like this pattern. Barb was working on this at retreat in Nov. It is on my to do list. Not too high at the moment. I don't have the pattern yet for it but one day.
I can't believe that it is Feb. already. Dave and I went to Florida for 2 weeks from Jan. 5 to 19. Stayed with my Mom and went on a 5 day cruise in the middle of the holiday. It was a great 2 weeks and a very nice cruise. I should really try to blog more often. Seems I just don't get to that page too often.
Happy quilting,