Monday, August 15, 2011

I may have already posted this pic but I haven't posted since June 27. Wow that's a long time.
This was a top I made very quickly but haven't decided on the finishing size or worked on it since.
My Dad passed away very quickly on June 29. I was in Ontario for about 2 weeks. Had hoped to arrived while he was still alive but He seemed to give up when the cancer had spread and I did not get there till July 6. The funeral was on July 7. I did get to see my aunts and uncles. I had not seen some of them in over 20 years. That part was really nice.
My mom came back with us and we have been cleaning and purging my collection of stuff ever since. I have not spent alot of time on the computer. I haven't had any time to sew. I am at present on holiday. My mom flies home on the 23rd. I will still have a week off so maybe I'll get a bit of time to sew then.
Hope everyone is having a great summer.
:)Carol near Indus, Langdon and Calgary, Alberta

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Magpie Quilts said...

Carol, so sorry to hear about your dad passing. (((Hugs)))
Just found your blog, so am taking a look through. (Ann Symes)