Wednesday, December 9, 2009

blue bragg creek storm with sashing

Above are the blocks I am making for myself I hope with a pattern by Wayne Kollinger.
I've the attic window sash on 6 or them but haven't gotten any further with it. I want to quilt as I go so there it stands.
Too many other things on the go.

Wow, Hard to believe that I haven't written since Sept. Well, I did have a few changes in my life but you know.
The biggest set back was the sudden death of my step dad. On Oct. 13, he was working on his sailboat in the driveway(storage for the winter) and likely had a massive heart attack. He was 86 and had heart problems for a number of years but it was hard on all of us left behind. My mom has been with him for 39 years. It was a tough time. My hubby and I went to Ont. Dave stayed for 3 days and had to go back to work. I stayed for 3 weeks and couldn't take anymore time off so had to return home and to work.
My Mom headed to Florida early Nov. as they had already rented a place and it would be warm there. She does not do winter well anymore and if she was to be sad, she might just as well be warm. Cold winter would isolate her more. She is sad of course but is doing ok. Having some trouble with only sleeping till about 4am and then not being able to sleep anymore. She has alot of friends there so she is alot busier there, which is good. Not sure what she will do in the summer except that she will return to Ont. and decide about that house and her plans then.

Maybe I will get around to writing a bit more soon.
Have a happy quilting day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is a friendship block I made for a guild member. I haven't done too much sewing this past week. I went to a scrapbooking day/camp last Saturday. Got 19 pages done except for the journalling on them. It was a fun day. Seems to be the only way I manage to get any scrapping done.
Well I've tried twice and the picture will not load so I guess I'll try another time/ another day.
The person I did the ugly challenge for, liked what I made. I'll post that pic when this site photo thing is working.
If I haven't already that is. Guess I should look and see what I have posted for pics lately.
Happy sewing.

Monday, August 31, 2009

butterfly quilt

This is my friendship block quilt. My guild after a person is a member for a year, lets the member pick a pattern and many guild members make a block for that person. Then that person gets to make themself a quilt. I got my blocks way back in 1998 or so.
I just finished the quilt in August. It was pinned for quilt for about 3 years. I did some machine and some hand quilting on it.
I was very happy to see it done.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ugly fabric challenge

This is the fabric I received to make something from.
The second picture is the table runner that I made from the fabric
happy quilting


Here's what you have to do! Copy and paste our logo to your site or blog and link to our website Then leave a comment telling us where you've posted our logo. (We will check:) so make sure your blog isn't private)Then on September 15, 2009 we will randomly select a winner of this fabulous bag.
Walla it's that simple!
If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us at
Hope this posted ok. I'm trying to enter this contest. I see I didn't get the logo itself to copy. I just tried again but it will not work.
Guess this is the best I can do unless someone has an idea how to fix it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

This is the block I chose for my birthday block in the birthday block swap that I am taking part in online.
I have 11 of the 20 blocks made and don't start to send them to the birthday ladies till Sept. I have really enjoyed working on them. I have been sewing quite a bit as my hubby was away on business and I am on holidays. I am supposed to be reorganizing the basement and my sewing room too but I've only done a little of that . I need to make a lemon pie for my son today as we will celebrate his 19th birthday tonight. Dave and Jenn will be away on Monday which is actually his birthday.
Hard to believe my first born is already 19. Where does the time go.
I have been working on an Ugly challenge as well. I am to the binding but have to find my corner tool before I can do that part. So I guess I will reorganize my sewing room while I am looking for it. I used it not too long ago but can't put my fingers on it at the moment. I will post a picture when it is finished. I have till the end of Sept to get it done and mailed. I'll likely take it to my guild meeting in Sept before I mail it out.
Happy quilting.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

This is one of my bom blocks that I did incorrectly first. I sewed the black corners to the wrong sides. I then unsewed them and sewed them to the correct sides.
So the second picture is the way it was supposed to be in the first place.
I am now on my holidays. My hubby is off tonight on a business trip. I have alot planned for at home. I will be very busy while he is gone.
Happy quilting.

Friday, August 7, 2009

This is the july bom from Hearts to hands. It didn't come up in the previous note.
I didn't hear that I won this one so I guess not. I'm now waiting for the Aug fabric and pattern to show up in my mail.
I am enjoying doing this one.
I am now on holidays. My hubby goes away for work on Sunday morning so I figure I will have alot of time to sew and some time to reorganize my basement.. The reorganization needs to be done and I figure I'll work a little sew alot work a little sew some more if you get the drift. Hope to get more sewing then cleaning done but some of both. We will see how it goes.
Happy quilting everyone.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This is a shot of two of the block for a bom I'm working on. It is called Black is Beautiful. I have 3 blocks done.
I've just had 5 days off. I start working evenings today.
happy quilting,

Monday, July 20, 2009

july bom hearts to hands

Here is the bom for July from Heart to hands online store. I am doing the block lotto each month. No luck in winning so far.
This is the third month that I have taken part in it.
Well I just added the image twice and it is not here. I will have to try again another time. Hopefully it work then.
I will try another picture. That one didn't work either so I'll just try again later.
I now have 7 blocks done in blue of Bragg Creek Storm pattern. I really like this one.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Another friendship block that I will take to my guild meeting in Sept.
It was a grey day most of today and then it just poured really hard. Now it is done and the sun is trying to come out.
My son Chris just got back from Europe. Sounds like he had a great trip.
Today I was working on a wheelchair quilt with the foundation blocks that I'm always making.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

This is a friendship block for a guild member. She provided the pattern and the rose 2" squares. I'll take it to our next meeting which is in Sept.
Just finished working my 5 evening shifts. I now get 2 days off. Plan on staying home tomorrow. I need to get my quilts ready for the quilt show this weekend.
Hope to get some sewing done as well. I was in bed but did fall to sleep to got up to ready emails.
I'm on my second cup of hot water so guess I should go to bed soon. It's 12:25 am.
Happy quilting,

Friday, July 3, 2009

This picture is the blue version of Bragg Creek storm. I actually have 6 done but one is on my wall for a sample as I am working on the blocks, so I didn't get it into the picture.
Hubby took today off work so we slept in. I'm still working evenings tonight. So I will leave at 2pm to get there on time.
Last night was a very nice evening at work. Some of our residents had been at the Calgary Zoo. They didn't get back till 4:30 so it was a bit rushed after supper because they were more tired then normal and all in a hurry to go to bed.
Well, I guess I should go and make myself some breakfast. Talk later.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Picture is the block I have been having so much fun with over the last few days. It is addictive. Pattern is by Wayne Kollinger.
It is just so much fun. We had him do a trunk show at our June meeting/potluck. It was just wonderful. I bought one of his patterns called Bragg Creek Storm. I just love making it and just looking at it when finished. I think that I'll make the 3 pink/purple blocks into a table runner. The blue ones that I am working on now will be a quilt.
I sewed for a couple of hours this morning. Now I have to start and get ready for work this afternoon. I am just so excited
about these blocks.
Happy quilting everyone.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day
Well, I did get some sewing done over the last couple of days. I am addicted to the piecing for the blocks by Wayne Kollinger.
I just love doing them. I have made 3 in pink and purple and got 5 done in blues. The 6th one is almost all cut out.
Pattern of his that I am using is called....Bragg Creek Storm. I just love to look at it after it is together. I will post a picture as soon as I get around to uploading my camera. Won't be today as I have to get ready for work in a few minutes.
I have a dentist appt before work so have to leave home at noon.
Happy quilting everyone.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

quilted cake

This is a picture of a wonderful cake that was made by one of my guild members for our June potluck. It tasted pretty
good too.
I actually been getting some sewing done. I've gotten 3 friendship blocks made for the guild. I am still a few behind. I now belong to a connecting threads group that is doing a birthday swap. There are 20 members. I have 5 blocks done for that.
I have finished the 12 blocks for my guild challenge and now have to decide how to put them together. They are laying out
on the family room floor and I spend time looking at them anytime I go to my sewingroom to sew. What to do, what to do.
Hope everyone is doing good. Happy quilting.

OOps, guess I should have gone to the blog first to see the last message. Shows I really like this cake
second picture added is a sunset from our deck.

Friday, June 12, 2009

quilted cake

Isn't this a wonderful cake. One of our guild members made it for our potluck, last night. It tasted great too.
I took my Mom to the potluck. The food was great. We had a guest speaker. Quilter, Wayne Kollinger. What a trunk show.
He designs his own quilts and teaches. He has a book coming out very soon on how to design quilts. I would suspect that our guild will try to get him to do a class or two in the coming year. He also has pieced alot of different alphabets. Not paperpieced.
I went on a nursing course today. My Mom and Dad left as I went off to my course. They are now on their was home. It sure was nice to have them here.
Happy quilting,


Thursday, June 11, 2009

I just looked for new pictures and realized that I have to upload them first. So no pictures for today.
My parents have been visiting. I take my Mom to my guild potluck tonight and then they are heading home tomorrow.
They've been here 2 weeks. We made curtains for my bedroom this week. I have vertical blind in there but they were actually too small for the window. The new curtains look really nice.
Guess I'd better go and start my day. I'm on a course tomorrow and my parents will be leaving in the morning at the same time that I do.
Happy quilting,

Monday, June 8, 2009

flowers and challenge

It worked this morning.
So this is the bouquet from my hubby for our 20th wedding anniversary in April. Also. the second picture is a challenge at my guild. The block is the same pattern block with the colour placement different for each block.
Teal is one of my favourite colours.
Happy quilting.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

This is the first time since April that I could get onto my blog. For some reason I could not get it to open.
The photo that is loading is unquilt related.
The bouquet of flowers that my husband send to my work for our 20th wedding anniversary.
They were just beautiful.

Well the first try didn't work. I'm trying again. That one didn't work either. Oh well. Will have to try another time for that one.
I'll try another picture.

mmmm that didn't work either. Guess I will not be adding pictures tonight.
One more try.... says it was done but I don't see it. Oh well. that's it for tonight.
My parents are here visiting. I haven't gotten too much sewing done in the last week.

I'm on holidays while they are here. We flew to Yellowknife for an over night trip on my hubby's flight benefits. It was a very nice 2 days with my parents. My hubby, Dave took a week off work as well but he is back to work tomorrow.
They will be here till the 15th. I don't go back to work till the 17th.

My quilt guild potluck is the coming Thursday night. I've missed the last two June ones. I'm taking my mom to this one.
Well. I have to be up with Dave at 5:30 tomorrow morning so I'd better head to bed . It's 11:15 pm here now.
Hopefully I can get back on here again soon. I think that it has something to do with using a Mac computer. Not sure.
Happy quilting.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It worked this time. So here is the picture of the quillow I made with a tall ships panel.
This is a quillow I made for my parents some time ago. Last time I visited I took a picture of it. I used a panel of tall ships for the pillow and quilt. I got some quilting done this last week. Had a hard time getting to it the week before. I always feel better when I finally get down there.
don't know if the picture will show up. It just said that it was loaded but I don't see it here. I'll try once more. Didn't seem to work again. I'll have to try another day for this picture by the look of it.
Happy quilting

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This picture is a challenge at my guild. The block is the same in all blocks but the placement of the colour and prints is different in each. I now have 9 blocks done and I'm also done the 10th. My intention is to use this quilt as a gift but I'm not sure I can
give it away as I'm really partial to the colours. Time will tell. I've enjoyed working on this one

Happy quilting

Friday, March 20, 2009

Well, I'm done work for 5 days. I go back to day shift on Wednesday. Tomorrow is our charity sewing day for my guild. We call it Stone soup.(this is for a story about a village bringing little bits together to put into a soup. The first person started with a stone and ended up with a great soup and every one in town was fed. ) We do this biannually. I've missed the last 2 as I had to work.
I'm looking forward to it tomorrow. I'll try to get my camera up loaded this weekend so I can put more pictures here.
Have a great weekend.
Happy quilting


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March already

Life is just going too fast. I can't believe it is already the middle of March. I am currently working on our guild challenge
You use the same block pattern for each block but change colours/fabric for different squares or half triangles with in the block.
You pick 5 different fabrics in the same colour group. As soon as I get my pictures uploaded I will post some of them. I have
7 blocks done. I used light tones of teal. One piece has butterflies or dragonflies on it. I'm thinking of giving this as a gift but not sure that I will be able to pass it away. I may need to keep it.
I'm back to work tomorrow for 2 evenings. My last stretch of 5 evenings was really busy. I was late 4 of the 5 shifts. Too much to do.
Well, guess I should head to bed. Oh , I'm down 21 pounds since mid Nov. so I'm really happy about that. This is the tough to
continue time.
Happy quilting,

Monday, February 23, 2009

The picture is Swedish Woven placemats that my mom in law made last year for Christmas for us. I picked out the blue fabric as I saw it when we were shopping together one day. One day I will try to do this craft but not at the moment. I don't need more things that I like to do. Not enough time in the day.
I've finally started to try and re-organize my sewing room. It needs alot of help. I have way too much stuff.
I can hardly move around in the room. Maybe someday It will be better organized. A little bit at a time.
I really should head back down there and get a bit more done.
I did make 4 of my overdue friendship blocks for guild members. I am still very behind with them.
Talk later. Happy quilting.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crowsnest pass tree

This is a picture of a tree on the side of the road in Crowsnest Pass. It is a frequently photo'd tree.
I took this from the car the last time we drove to Blairmore. Last weekend actually.
I did some sewing the last few days. Nice to get to that. Hope everyone is doing okay

Saturday, February 14, 2009

So, I know it's about time. I am uploading a picture of the block that I'm working on for our guild challenge.
We use the same pattern for 12 months and change the position of the colours within the block leaving the direction of the half square triangles the same at all times. It should be interested. This is the first month. I got my 1/2 square triangles done yesterday and set up the first on. We all work on it at our own pace and see it when it is done. Should be fun.

I'm working alot over the next 2 weeks. No one to work on one of my x days off. This means that I get overtime but I'd rather not work it. I didn't see that there was much of a choice and said yes. One staff had surgery and another is having blood pressure issues so there are not alot of other choices.

Oh well, I guess I will get through it.
Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day.
My hubby gave me a heart box of chocolates. I will eat them slowly. I am on a weight loss program. I've lost 16 pounds and 3 inches so far. That's since mid November. I see a nutritionist and she develops eating plans for me. The recipes are really good. I think that this is a Canadian company. It is called Simply for Life.
Well, I really need to sew a little before I go to work so I'll try to write more another day.
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Well the girls were asleep when we got up at 4 am. Likely not for all that long for some of them. They weren't sure. I didn't wake Dave when I crawled into bed. He was out to the world. Picture above is of Jennifer and her horse, Count.(counterstrike).
Jen and I went shopping that afternoon after all the girls were gone. I had to go into town for my weight in. I started a program....called Simply for Life ,at the end of Nov. I have lost 14 pounds so far and 3 inches. My slacks are slipping down quite a bit lately. Have to get them to the sewing machine and take them in a little.
I've had a birthday since my last post. I'm now....another year older.... don't feel it though. I got a new digital camera. It is so small. Fits nicely in my purse. I plan to carry it with me alot. Had a really nice dinner out, in Strathmore.
Pecan pie for dessert. Oh was it good. I shared it with the family.
Hope everyone is quilting up a storm.
Bye for now.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Well the party goes on but the girls are in the family room , watching a movie. Think I better go to bed. It's 1145pm
Dave has to get up at 4am to go to work early. I'll go back to bed after making his breakfast. I wonder if the girls will still be awake.
Hope I don't wake my hubby when I go to bed.
Happy quilting

Well, I'm here to try again. I really need to upload some more pictures. I don't have anything new to put on my blog.
So today it's and african violet that was my mom in laws. It was taken in Sept. of this year. It's not at the house now.
Don't know who took it home but someone did.
Guess the upload is working again for me.
Well, the house is mostly clean for Jenn's party. 16 years old today. It sure goes by fast. She has 3 friends here so far.
I think there is just one more to come. They are going to go out to toboggan in a well. It's cold today. around minus 20.
I'm hoping to get into my sewing room and do something there today.
I'm looking at buying an embroidery machine. Anyone have opinions that will help me. Almost bought a Janome 200E. It was on sale at $700. But it was in Kelowna and I didn't get it. Guess I should really check out info on other machines first too.
Better go and finish putting laundry away.
Bye for now.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

So I'm trying to load a photo again. Don't know if it will work. Not sure why I'm having so much trouble.
I do use a mac but not sure that it is the problems. I know sometimes pictures don't show up on facebook either.
Anyway. I had a nice week in Kelowna, B.C. with hubby. We never did fly in or out.
Too foggy. They flew us to Cranbrook and then Vancouver when it was still too foggy after waiting in the plane for
2 hours. So we rented a car and drove to Kelowna. Then it was foggy most of the week and wasn't looking good to fly out either.
I had a paid for ticket but Dave was on standby. So we decided to drive home too. Of course it took all day. We were a little concerned about the roads especially around Golden but they weren't too bad, just a bit slushy. I found that the time went way to quickly.
It was an extra $11.00 a day for me to drive the car so, since we were staying right across the street from a mall I decided that I didn't need the car. I had Dave drive me to 3 quilt stores on 2 different days, so that worked out okay. I got some fabric and almost bought an embroidery machine but decided that it wouldn't be too great to have to fly it home. I'd also miss the lessons that came with it. I was to look at home but haven't yet. I've been too busy.
It was a Janome 200 something. It was on sale for $700 and would have come with a cd of 500 designs and lessons.
I'd still like it but have to wait till after my daughter's birthday (Jan. 26) than I can think about it. I've been cleaning the basement and now she is after me to do the kitchen and make her cake. She wants an angel food cake with 7 minute frosting.
So guess I'll be doing that very shortly. She is a slave driver.
Looks like the picture loaded. I can't see it here but what I was trying to load was a recent picture of our house.
Better go before she is at me again. I told her I would be about 5 minutes and she stormed off to her room. She's a mean slave driver. Doesn't get that from me, that's for sure.
Bye for now. I need to catch up on reading your blogs too.
Happy quilting.
;) Carol

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well, I'm finally back. I'm trying to upload a picture again. The last few would not upload. I worked over the holidays.
Evenings on dec. 24 and 25 and 5 days over the new year.
I get to take 3 days off this coming week though and go with my hubby to Kelowna, B.C. It should be a nice holiday for me.
He has to work, I can shop. Sounds good to me.
Maybe I'll get to reading some of my favourite blogs.

said the image was added but I don't see it. Oh well.