Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March already

Life is just going too fast. I can't believe it is already the middle of March. I am currently working on our guild challenge
You use the same block pattern for each block but change colours/fabric for different squares or half triangles with in the block.
You pick 5 different fabrics in the same colour group. As soon as I get my pictures uploaded I will post some of them. I have
7 blocks done. I used light tones of teal. One piece has butterflies or dragonflies on it. I'm thinking of giving this as a gift but not sure that I will be able to pass it away. I may need to keep it.
I'm back to work tomorrow for 2 evenings. My last stretch of 5 evenings was really busy. I was late 4 of the 5 shifts. Too much to do.
Well, guess I should head to bed. Oh , I'm down 21 pounds since mid Nov. so I'm really happy about that. This is the tough to
continue time.
Happy quilting,

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