Tuesday, November 27, 2012

3 blocks from retreat

These are blocks I made at the retreat I was at this month. Top one is my christmas block for my guild potluck. Block on left is a friendship block for a guild member and right hand block is for a friends 60th birthday. Quilt beside my block was made by a guild member at the retreat for her daughter.
Need to sew today. Off to work again starting tomorrow. Happy quilting, Carol

Monday, November 26, 2012

butterfly half square triangles

I was given a bunch of half square triangles plus extra material one year from the person that had me as a secret pal. If finally found a design that I likes and set up the blocks as in this picture. I now have them all sewn together with a border around them. Unsure if I am going to add more borders or not.
I'll have to think about how big I want it. It would make a nice centre piece at the size that it is now. Happy quilting, Carol

C&C BOM Oct/Nov. blocks

Wow, Just see that Oct. 18 was the last time that I posted. I am really not doing too well here. These two block are for the new BOM I am currently working on from Cotton and Candy Quilt store in Strathmore.
I have recently been to a quilting retreat. Had 4 great days of sewing. Got along of sewing done but not a lot finished. Had a great time though. Happy quilting.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

These are the potholders that I talked about in the previous entry.

Friday, October 12, 2012

I have completed a embroidery quilt challenge/swap. I sent if off in the mail a few days ago. This is a picture of it.
I will be getting one in return. I enjoyed working on this project. My daughter is heading to Ont. to visit with my Mom. She gets to drive south to Florida with her and stay there for a little while. Dave is deciding if he wants to return to driving handibus. He has been working a lot more hours than he really wants so he is still thinking about it. Just made up a new list of P.I.G.'s That is project in grocery scacks. also known as UFO's Unfinished objects. Happy quilting to all.. :)Carol

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

hot pad 2

Well, I blew that one. I had a note typed and made a mess of uploading the picture. If you click on the address of previous post you will see the picture of the hot pad that I made. I saw a design I quite liked in Alaska. I have made 3 hot pads and 2 baby quilt tops in a similar design. I did enjoy making them. Happy quilting. :)Carol

hot pad


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Karen's wedding shower table runner

I hope I haven't posted this before. It is a table runner I made for a wedding shower gift of a coworker. I used half square triangle from another project to make the windmills and then added royal blue to what I had. It is very hot today in the 30's. Hubby is prepping for a colonscopy tomorrow. Not the easiest day. I've gone to basement to sew a couple of times today. It is nice and cool there. Computer service was down for a bit today but it back now.
Happy quilting to everyone. :)Carol

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I started to blog the other day, but I was on my new account and there were not any photos in the file so day I am trying again. The first two pictures of are chair pads that I made for the chairs at my work. We have a few stains on the chairs and these will make them look better.
We went to Spruce Meadows today. Very hot and sunny today. No rain. There was a nice cool breeze. Watched some horse jumping and walked around a lot. Jenn took her dog. Below are 2 views of the jelly roll baby size quilt that I made for charity. I made 2 but only one was totally done. The second one came home with me to finish. It is not finished yet. I did get it pillowed but haven't decided or done any quilting yet.
Happy quilting to all. :)Carol

Thursday, June 28, 2012

It has been awhile since I last posted. We went on a cruise to Alaska from Vancouver, in June. It was great. Scenery was amazing. We did have a lot of rain but it was still great. Only thing that we did not like about the cruise was the smoking policy on the Volendam, Holland America. We could be enjoying the scenery on the promenade deck and a person could come up beside us and light up a cigarette. We did not appreciate that and usually had to move and lose the enjoyment of the scenery that had been ours. So far we are not happy with the response about the matter that we have/havenot received from Holland America.
All other aspects of the cruise were good. Food was wonderful, ate way to much. We can't remember any problems with cigarette smoke on any of the other cruises we were on. There were always a few areas where smoking was allowed and we just avoided them. Below is towel art from the cruise. Had 3 or 4 different animals on our beds during the cruise.
Many mornings we got up to watch the sunrise. One morning it was at 2:30am. A couple of the mornings there was no colour in the sunrise.
Just a lot of beautiful scenery. We enjoyed a lot of time on the deck,just standing or walking.
Well, I just that is enough to share for this posting. Happy quilting. Oh, I got into 3 or 4 quilt shops during me trip and of course I did buy a little bit of material. :)Carol

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This is a picture taken from the car or our anniversary weekend trip around b.c. We did the same circle as 2 years ago but in the reverse order. Headed for Blairmore first and stayed overnight on Friday with Dave's dad and them traveled to Radium hot springs. Stayed at Addison's Bungalow's. Cabin with a hot tub on Sat. night and home on Sunday. It was a very nice weekend trip and time together.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hat made with a circular knitter. They were done for Inn from the Cold here in Calgary. My hubby made the orange ones.
It's nice having him work on them while we are watching t.v. I work on them alot more then he does but he is enjoying it.
Happy crafting

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This is a pin cushion I made from a kit. I gave this one away to my secret pal last year. I need to make another one for myself. It is on my to do list.
I'm off to work in a few hours. Hope to get some sewing done soon. Haven't made it to my sewing room for a while. Of course I was just sick for about a week with a cold. Almost gone now.
Happy quilting to all.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6, 2012

This picture is a crazy quilt made by a member of my craft guild. I added ties so it could be used for a resident in a wheelchair, where I work.
It is hard to believe that I have not blogged since Oct. Too busy playing online games, I guess. I really need to get back to doing this more frequently. I spent 2 weeks in Jan. in Florida visiting my Mom. Had a great time. Wasn't over warm but it was warmer then home. The day I came home the temp in Florida was about 65F or so and it was minus 29C here(-20F). What a temperature switch.
I am just getting over a bad cold. Had to take 2 days off. After 6 days I went to the ER in hospital I work at and got and xray and meds. My cough is finally a bit better but it took till the last day of antibiotic. Still have some coughing but not as bad as it was.
Today is my last of 5 days off or it's back to work tomorrow.
We moved my fatherinlaw into a seniors apartment on Friday and Saturday this past weekend. Hope he likes it there. He was Alzheimers and is starting to not manage quite as well on his own. We are trying to get him to stop driving as well. It is hard for him to lose that independance. The closest any of his kids is 3 hours away so it is a little difficult for us. His computer didn't get hooked up correctly when we were there but he has it done now. We have him email us twice a day and so far it has been working well. We talk to him frequently too.
Well I have lots to do today so I had better get started at something other then just the computer.
Happy quilting,