Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6, 2012

This picture is a crazy quilt made by a member of my craft guild. I added ties so it could be used for a resident in a wheelchair, where I work.
It is hard to believe that I have not blogged since Oct. Too busy playing online games, I guess. I really need to get back to doing this more frequently. I spent 2 weeks in Jan. in Florida visiting my Mom. Had a great time. Wasn't over warm but it was warmer then home. The day I came home the temp in Florida was about 65F or so and it was minus 29C here(-20F). What a temperature switch.
I am just getting over a bad cold. Had to take 2 days off. After 6 days I went to the ER in hospital I work at and got and xray and meds. My cough is finally a bit better but it took till the last day of antibiotic. Still have some coughing but not as bad as it was.
Today is my last of 5 days off or it's back to work tomorrow.
We moved my fatherinlaw into a seniors apartment on Friday and Saturday this past weekend. Hope he likes it there. He was Alzheimers and is starting to not manage quite as well on his own. We are trying to get him to stop driving as well. It is hard for him to lose that independance. The closest any of his kids is 3 hours away so it is a little difficult for us. His computer didn't get hooked up correctly when we were there but he has it done now. We have him email us twice a day and so far it has been working well. We talk to him frequently too.
Well I have lots to do today so I had better get started at something other then just the computer.
Happy quilting,

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