Monday, January 26, 2009

Well the party goes on but the girls are in the family room , watching a movie. Think I better go to bed. It's 1145pm
Dave has to get up at 4am to go to work early. I'll go back to bed after making his breakfast. I wonder if the girls will still be awake.
Hope I don't wake my hubby when I go to bed.
Happy quilting

Well, I'm here to try again. I really need to upload some more pictures. I don't have anything new to put on my blog.
So today it's and african violet that was my mom in laws. It was taken in Sept. of this year. It's not at the house now.
Don't know who took it home but someone did.
Guess the upload is working again for me.
Well, the house is mostly clean for Jenn's party. 16 years old today. It sure goes by fast. She has 3 friends here so far.
I think there is just one more to come. They are going to go out to toboggan in a well. It's cold today. around minus 20.
I'm hoping to get into my sewing room and do something there today.
I'm looking at buying an embroidery machine. Anyone have opinions that will help me. Almost bought a Janome 200E. It was on sale at $700. But it was in Kelowna and I didn't get it. Guess I should really check out info on other machines first too.
Better go and finish putting laundry away.
Bye for now.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

So I'm trying to load a photo again. Don't know if it will work. Not sure why I'm having so much trouble.
I do use a mac but not sure that it is the problems. I know sometimes pictures don't show up on facebook either.
Anyway. I had a nice week in Kelowna, B.C. with hubby. We never did fly in or out.
Too foggy. They flew us to Cranbrook and then Vancouver when it was still too foggy after waiting in the plane for
2 hours. So we rented a car and drove to Kelowna. Then it was foggy most of the week and wasn't looking good to fly out either.
I had a paid for ticket but Dave was on standby. So we decided to drive home too. Of course it took all day. We were a little concerned about the roads especially around Golden but they weren't too bad, just a bit slushy. I found that the time went way to quickly.
It was an extra $11.00 a day for me to drive the car so, since we were staying right across the street from a mall I decided that I didn't need the car. I had Dave drive me to 3 quilt stores on 2 different days, so that worked out okay. I got some fabric and almost bought an embroidery machine but decided that it wouldn't be too great to have to fly it home. I'd also miss the lessons that came with it. I was to look at home but haven't yet. I've been too busy.
It was a Janome 200 something. It was on sale for $700 and would have come with a cd of 500 designs and lessons.
I'd still like it but have to wait till after my daughter's birthday (Jan. 26) than I can think about it. I've been cleaning the basement and now she is after me to do the kitchen and make her cake. She wants an angel food cake with 7 minute frosting.
So guess I'll be doing that very shortly. She is a slave driver.
Looks like the picture loaded. I can't see it here but what I was trying to load was a recent picture of our house.
Better go before she is at me again. I told her I would be about 5 minutes and she stormed off to her room. She's a mean slave driver. Doesn't get that from me, that's for sure.
Bye for now. I need to catch up on reading your blogs too.
Happy quilting.
;) Carol

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well, I'm finally back. I'm trying to upload a picture again. The last few would not upload. I worked over the holidays.
Evenings on dec. 24 and 25 and 5 days over the new year.
I get to take 3 days off this coming week though and go with my hubby to Kelowna, B.C. It should be a nice holiday for me.
He has to work, I can shop. Sounds good to me.
Maybe I'll get to reading some of my favourite blogs.

said the image was added but I don't see it. Oh well.