Thursday, July 31, 2008

another giveaway

When I found one, I found quite a few. Here is one for a stitchery book

The blog is:

Go to it and enter a comment to enter the draw.
Good luck,


another giveaway
The jpg is an image from her site. Click above to see it.

heres the addy
Go to the above site and enter by leaving a comment

Good luck.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

contest site

found a new contest to post.
Here's her note:

What do you do for inspiration?? What keeps you motivated? Do you go shopping? Hook up with other quilters? Retreat? Leave me a comment & I'll send someone 4 fat quarters in their color choice. I'll do this for a couple of weeks, say the end date is August 4th. I'll do a random number poll for the winner. Please leave your blog address so I can get in touch with the winner & post a link to my blog on your blog as well. If you leave your blog address & a link ( because I'll be checking, LOL) you might get an additional gift. :)Carolyn at go to her blog and comment.

Good luck and thanks Carolyn
Happy quilting

I am up and online as I can't sleep at the moment. I'm working evenings. I got up and read a little and now I'm online.
I'll likely try sleep again soon.
At present I am working on a test pattern for paper piecing a lighthouse. It will be nice when done. I have the lighthouse almost totally done and one side. Still quite a bit to go though. I'm hoping to do a bit more tomorrow before I have to go to work again.
So I'm uploading a picture of the magic tile wall hanging I made at my last retreat.
Hope it comes through okay.

Guess I'll try to finish up and go to bed
Happy quilting,


Monday, July 28, 2008

cross stitich christmas wallhanging

I've a couple of new pictures so I'm actually blogging to put them on. This is a wall hanging I made up at my last retreat last Nov. I didn't have a reason for it then but now I've decided to give it as a wedding gift to a coworker. Hope she'll like it.

I didn't make it down to sew yesterday. I'm out for a bit this morning so I'll have to see if it happens today. I just finished listening to a book on tape and can start another one. I listen while I sew.

I haven't been reading blogs lately so I'll have to try to get caught up soon.
Happy quilting,


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Well, it's been awhile again. Life is just getting too busy I guess. It's over a week again.
The picture here is of another wheelchair quilt with foot pocket. A guild member made it. The ties are too short though so it is waiting for me to add long ties before I take it into work for the residents to use. This guild member took part in a round robin with me and she used her resulting piece for the quilt. The round robin was called :fractured quarter. You start with a fat quarter and each person makes 2 cuts. Adding a 5 inch strip to each cut. It was fun to do. I haven't made mine up yet. The picture of mine would be back in my archives.
I did finally get into my sewing room the last few days. I've just been working on my crumbs.
I ended up working an extra shift this week. Too many rn's off sick. One broke her foot at work. Glad that wasn't me.
Well, I know this is short but I really should do some house work.
Happy quilting,


Monday, July 14, 2008

sitting horses

I'm going to try another picture. I got a lot of letters instead of the picture yesterday but I think if I had left all that stuff the picture would have posted correctly. Anyway, I'll try again.
So I'll post this is see if the picture comes up.

over 100 give away

Hi everyone,
I was just reading some posts and I realized that I have not been paying attention to my number of posts. So I went looking and I am past my 100 posts.
So I guess it's my turn to have a give away. So my draw date will be Aug 1. Please leave a comment and either an email or blog addy on my site and spread the word of my giveaway on your blog to enter.
Maybe this will increase the number of comments to my blog. I don't seem to get many and sometimes wonder if anyone is reading this. So I guess this is also a test.
My blog addy is:

I find the number of hours contest interesting that some of you are doing. Sometimes it is a big surprise when you keep track of the time spent.
Well, I guess I'll sign off for now. Hope to hear from lots of you
Happy quilting,

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dave and Jennifer

Hi everyone.

It is again a while since I have blogged. Guess I am not in the habit at the moment. I have come across these nice, thoughts for the day and I thought that I'd use this space to pass them on.

Ransom Notes

Bad guys take a newspaper, cut out certain words and reorganize them into a Ransom demand.
And we all know that the newspaper did not say this.
The words were taken out of context and reorganized according to another plan/purpose/idea.

So why do we compare ourselves to others, using only enough data to prove that they are better than us.

Let me assure you that there is always someone better than you
and always someone worse than you, at whatever subject you care to mention.
You are not the best at anything. Ever.
To say "So and so is much better than me at this or that." may be true but also totally irrelevant.

When you envy someone about something take a close look at the other stuff in that person's personality or life.
You'll soon see that, by and large, you are an excellent combination with only some need to change and improve, here and there. Just like that person!

Stop ransoming yourself.
What you are, is a unique Combination.

I finally got back into my sewing room this weekend. I didn't start on anything special. Just worked on my charity, crumb blocks and listened to a Harry Potter tape a few times over the weekend. I needed to work on 2 wedding gifts and really lucked out. When I pulled out some 8 inch magic tile blocks that I had made with butterfly fabric I found 2 wall hangings that I'd made at my Nov. retreat. So I just have to finish them off (sewing the hanging sleeve) and they will be ready.

I was pretty happy about that.

Here's a picture that I tried to upload. If it doesn't open when I post you may have to highlight and click on address.
The picture is my husband, Dave and daughter, Jennifer.
Hope to find my way here more often.
Bye for now.