Monday, July 28, 2008

cross stitich christmas wallhanging

I've a couple of new pictures so I'm actually blogging to put them on. This is a wall hanging I made up at my last retreat last Nov. I didn't have a reason for it then but now I've decided to give it as a wedding gift to a coworker. Hope she'll like it.

I didn't make it down to sew yesterday. I'm out for a bit this morning so I'll have to see if it happens today. I just finished listening to a book on tape and can start another one. I listen while I sew.

I haven't been reading blogs lately so I'll have to try to get caught up soon.
Happy quilting,



Teresa said...

Cute Christmas wall hanging and I am sure your co-worker is going to love it. So what books on tape do you listen to? I heard on the radio on the way in to work this morning that they (whoever they are) are going to stop putting books on cassette tape - just on cd's and dvd's. I would like that better anyway as I like to listen to them when I am traveling and those cassettes can be hazardous to my driving, LOL.

butrfly2200 said...

I recently listened to Harry Potter and the order of phenoix. A couple of Nora Roberts books, Danielle Steele, At present I'm listening to Debbie McComber, 311 Pelican Cres.
I actually like cassettes better because it is easier to find my place when I stop them.
The cd's are ok but harder to find my place in them. I end up listening to stuff I've already heard.
What do you listen to Teresa???