Monday, July 12, 2010

Got a little bit of cleaning up in basement over the weekend. I headed into town with Chris about 1130 this morning. He wanted to go to Best Buy and I to Costco so we just did the 2 stores. Of course had hot dog and pop for lunch for $2. Chris got a poutine as will. I ate a bit of that too. sure felled me up. Brought some left over home. Didn't buy alot at Costco but needed a few things. Tasted a few samples as well.

This is a "chain and cross" block from a birthday swap that I am in. It has sailed away in the mail to it's new owner.
Had a little trouble with the directions but finally figured it out.
At present I am hand quilting a top I made a number of years ago. Pattern is Magic tiles. Did it in some of my favourite colours.
I don't have a picture of it. Should do that sometime.

Happy quilting.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

This picture is from a birthday block swap I did with the CanadianQuiltSwappers online group. My personal block is missing. I still haven't got it done. Will have to do that soon. I know what I am doing just haven't picked the fabric.
Went to a quilt show yesterday....Lorraine Stangness annual. She was selling off some of her samples. She did really well. I decided to restrain myself. I was very tempted though. I did buy some books, thread and a wee bit of fabric.
She did some demos as well so that was neat to see.
I keep forgetting to get on here. We have been very busy at work and life at home as well. Just had to replace the water pressure tank. I found a leak near my sewing room. This work meant moving alot of my stuff around. Now that the new tank is in I have to resort and get rid of some stuff. My least favourite job but I guess it has to be done. It will take awhile. that is for sure.
Time to get ready for my new license for work again. Alot of paperwork in prep. I do have over a month but that time will go quickly it always does.
Hopefully I will get some quilting done. I have alot of ufo's that's for sure. I refrained from signing up for any more classes at the quilt show because I have too many things started from my classes for last year. Really need to finish those first. I am handquilting a quilt as you go and have most of that done. Time to get those blocks together. Have to cut the sashing between the finished blocks.
Also want to do a rag quilt for my Dad. He has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and will be having radiation and chem starting this month sometime. Got fabric for that but need space to start cutting that out. Hopefully it will go quickly.
Planning on doing a little weeding today so I guess I should get dressed and get outside. We had rain yesterday but it is cool and sunny today.
Happy quilting,