Monday, July 12, 2010

Got a little bit of cleaning up in basement over the weekend. I headed into town with Chris about 1130 this morning. He wanted to go to Best Buy and I to Costco so we just did the 2 stores. Of course had hot dog and pop for lunch for $2. Chris got a poutine as will. I ate a bit of that too. sure felled me up. Brought some left over home. Didn't buy alot at Costco but needed a few things. Tasted a few samples as well.

This is a "chain and cross" block from a birthday swap that I am in. It has sailed away in the mail to it's new owner.
Had a little trouble with the directions but finally figured it out.
At present I am hand quilting a top I made a number of years ago. Pattern is Magic tiles. Did it in some of my favourite colours.
I don't have a picture of it. Should do that sometime.

Happy quilting.

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Carolyn in NC said...

Carol, I am also a hand quilter, but doing more and more by machine lately. No free motion, though, can't get the jist of that.