Monday, February 18, 2008

Friday's fab 4 from Feb 8. I was to tell of doneness and do more on feb. 15

Here was my fab 4 for Friday Feb. 8
1. get test pattern made up (as of today it is about 1/2 done or close to it)
Got this about 1/2 done. Still working on it.

2. decide on what pattern i will use for my guild challenge fabric
I know have about 5 patterns to choose from. I'm still thinking about this but plan to
start one after my holiday.

3.get all my stuff, including library, ready for guild meeting
Got this all done and to the meeting....heyheyhey

4. make a couple of cd's for my parents to take with us .
Got this done as well and will be taking 3, I think.

Unfortunately I'll have to wait till I'm back to do another fab 4 , but NancyRose, it is a good idea.
I just need to print it out as well so I keep it in mind as the week goes by. Thanks for the idea.

This is a friendship block that I did for Kathy S. from my guild. She wanted folksy material so these 2 prints were skaters. I took it to the last meeting and since it was Valentines day alot of people were missing. She was one of the missing so it is still with my meeting stuff. Hopefully she will be there next month.

This is a friendship block that I did for Pam H. She was at the meeting and received it. I am still a few behind on the older friendship blocks but I plan to get busy on those when I get back from my holiday.

We fly out to Tampa tomorrow morning at 8am. So being the early person my husband is....will be at the airport by 5am I'm sure. One advantage of Dave working at the airport. We can wear our winter coats and leave them in his office, work over to the airport terminal inside the building all the way. Then they are there for our return.

Dave is very worried about leaving the kids and that things could go wrong with the house.

I think they will be fine. I usually don't start worrying till we are in the air. He started about 1 week ago.

This block still isn't sewn together. I don't think I'll have time before we leave and now I don't need it till Mar.12 or so. This is a 6 inch block for Sheila G.

I did her a 12 inch one by mistake. Gave it to her anyway but now I'll do a 6 inch.

Well, this is short but I guess that's it for now. I'll have more pictures and work after my holiday. Happy sewing while I'm away.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Friday's fab 4

So I'm a little late. I had to think about it.

Here are my fab 4 for Friday Feb. 8

1. get test pattern made up (as of today it is about 1/2 done or close to it)

2. decide on what pattern i will use for my guild challenge fabric

3.get all my stuff, including library, ready for guild meeting

4. make a couple of cd's for my parents to take with us .

These are the 4 pieces for my guild challenge. We can pretty much do anything that we want with them. They hope we will at at least 2 more pieces of fabric to them. The floral print was in all challenge packs. The coordinating fabrics were different in some.

I bought 3 other pieces of fabric to go with these.

I will now upload them.

I have 3 or 4 pattern blocks picked

out as possible choices but I'm not sure what I want to do yet .

Likely make a wall hanging or table runner. not sure. We are to have the item done by our June potluck.

So that's one of my job's this week. Thanks for the fab4 idea NancyRose. Maybe I'll get something done.

Guess I'd better go for now.

Happy quilting,


Saturday, February 9, 2008

friendship blocks, Sue, Pam & Shirley

I should have rotated this before I uploaded it from the camera, I wasn't thinking. Oh well. This is my friendship block, long overdue for Sue Kemble. "Antique Bottles" She is an original member of our guild and we did a year of 20th anniversary blocks for originating members. She is about the 3rd of 4th last one I still have to do.

So then I started to work on our current list. We now have new members that have been in the guild for over a year.

This one is for Pam Hinton. She wanted an Ohio star with blue, gold and green. She is first on our new list.

So then I got really ambitious and did another one in different colours.

This one is for Shirley G. I actually took pictures before sewing this one together of the triangles different ways. Now that it is done I'm not sure it is the best way but it's done and I'm not unsewing it to do again.
After I had it done for a few days, I was looking at her requirements again. Guess what. It should have been 6" ohio star.
At first I thought oh well, she now has a 12" one. Then I started to look for a 6" pattern and I can't find one. Does anyone know where I can find a 6" pattern for the ohio star. I looked at quilterscache and block central. All are 12". If I can find one I will do her a 6 " one as well as the 12" and give her both from the same fabric. Lots of times the member provides the pattern too but she didn't on this one and I didn't really think it would be a problem. I did find a 9x9 ohio star but not a 6".
So I sewed a little last night and got one more block done. A maple leaf. I'll get down there and take pictures before I give that one away. These all go to my meeting this Thurs. I just found out today that I am working days on Thurs. So I'll be able to go to my meeting. Even though it is Valentines day. We'll have a nice dinner first of course. I really don't want to miss this meeting.
Hubby will understand. We are spending time together this weekend. To cold to go anywhere.
He's just gone outside to burn some garbage. We are overflowing apparently.
Have the fireplace burning as well to heat the house and get rid of some cardboard and stuff in that.
Well, I'd better get downstairs while he's outside and get stuff done for me.
Bye for now. Happy quilting,

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Feb 7, 2008

I had a great day on my birthday and hope to write more on my upcoming days off work. I have a rest day tomorrow after the kids and husband are off to school and work. I hope to get a little more sewing done. I have 1 more friendship block partly done and want to finish it before the meeting on thursday. I think I will be switching to days from evenings on thursday. Now I'll be able to go to my guild meeting. I do hate to miss those.

Anyway I'll try to post more tomorrow and maybe some new pictures.

Bye for now.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Hi, it's been a few days. I just finished by 5 days. I'm almost done my first day off. I went to bible study and then work, yes on my day off. They were doing inservicing on the new phone system for the hospital. It was to be 1 hour. so 1hr and 15mins later it was done. Then since I was in town I had to visit a couple of stores. I hadn't been to dollarama for awhile so went there first. $50.oo later I went to walmart. The only plus in that is some of that money was on food. And I got some Valentine stuff.
Then home to put stuff away and get supper. First I thought fish and chips. Got home and Jenn was starved so she made her own dinner. Chris also decided to eat pogo's that I've just bought. So I made supper for Dave and myself. Casserole sort of. Hamberger meat, tomato base sauce, egg noodles(had 1/2 bag left from another meal that Jenn made) lots of spice/garlic/and stuff. It was good. 2 small containers leftover for lunches.
So I'm not sure who this belongs too but I like it.
I don't know yet if i'll get to go to my guild meeting next week. I am scheduled to work evenings. I am trying to switch that to days. We'll see what happens. I may just have to miss it.
And I did get 3 friendship blocks done. I did take pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet.
I'll have to try to do that soon.
We are heading toFlorida the week of F.19 to 26. Kids get to stay home. That should be interesting. They actually have that week off. At least they will only have to get themselves to school a couple of days the second week.
I am just now trying to get some of the blogs read but I am behind. Will try to catch up on my 5 days off.
Guess I'd better sign off as I'm attending a seminar tomorrow on intrepation of lab results. Hoping it is good.
Happy quilting,