Saturday, February 9, 2008

friendship blocks, Sue, Pam & Shirley

I should have rotated this before I uploaded it from the camera, I wasn't thinking. Oh well. This is my friendship block, long overdue for Sue Kemble. "Antique Bottles" She is an original member of our guild and we did a year of 20th anniversary blocks for originating members. She is about the 3rd of 4th last one I still have to do.

So then I started to work on our current list. We now have new members that have been in the guild for over a year.

This one is for Pam Hinton. She wanted an Ohio star with blue, gold and green. She is first on our new list.

So then I got really ambitious and did another one in different colours.

This one is for Shirley G. I actually took pictures before sewing this one together of the triangles different ways. Now that it is done I'm not sure it is the best way but it's done and I'm not unsewing it to do again.
After I had it done for a few days, I was looking at her requirements again. Guess what. It should have been 6" ohio star.
At first I thought oh well, she now has a 12" one. Then I started to look for a 6" pattern and I can't find one. Does anyone know where I can find a 6" pattern for the ohio star. I looked at quilterscache and block central. All are 12". If I can find one I will do her a 6 " one as well as the 12" and give her both from the same fabric. Lots of times the member provides the pattern too but she didn't on this one and I didn't really think it would be a problem. I did find a 9x9 ohio star but not a 6".
So I sewed a little last night and got one more block done. A maple leaf. I'll get down there and take pictures before I give that one away. These all go to my meeting this Thurs. I just found out today that I am working days on Thurs. So I'll be able to go to my meeting. Even though it is Valentines day. We'll have a nice dinner first of course. I really don't want to miss this meeting.
Hubby will understand. We are spending time together this weekend. To cold to go anywhere.
He's just gone outside to burn some garbage. We are overflowing apparently.
Have the fireplace burning as well to heat the house and get rid of some cardboard and stuff in that.
Well, I'd better get downstairs while he's outside and get stuff done for me.
Bye for now. Happy quilting,

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