Monday, February 4, 2008

Hi, it's been a few days. I just finished by 5 days. I'm almost done my first day off. I went to bible study and then work, yes on my day off. They were doing inservicing on the new phone system for the hospital. It was to be 1 hour. so 1hr and 15mins later it was done. Then since I was in town I had to visit a couple of stores. I hadn't been to dollarama for awhile so went there first. $50.oo later I went to walmart. The only plus in that is some of that money was on food. And I got some Valentine stuff.
Then home to put stuff away and get supper. First I thought fish and chips. Got home and Jenn was starved so she made her own dinner. Chris also decided to eat pogo's that I've just bought. So I made supper for Dave and myself. Casserole sort of. Hamberger meat, tomato base sauce, egg noodles(had 1/2 bag left from another meal that Jenn made) lots of spice/garlic/and stuff. It was good. 2 small containers leftover for lunches.
So I'm not sure who this belongs too but I like it.
I don't know yet if i'll get to go to my guild meeting next week. I am scheduled to work evenings. I am trying to switch that to days. We'll see what happens. I may just have to miss it.
And I did get 3 friendship blocks done. I did take pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet.
I'll have to try to do that soon.
We are heading toFlorida the week of F.19 to 26. Kids get to stay home. That should be interesting. They actually have that week off. At least they will only have to get themselves to school a couple of days the second week.
I am just now trying to get some of the blogs read but I am behind. Will try to catch up on my 5 days off.
Guess I'd better sign off as I'm attending a seminar tomorrow on intrepation of lab results. Hoping it is good.
Happy quilting,

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Sherri (speedyqltr) in Ontario, Canada said...

Carol is that you in the picture?

I LOVE that quilt! How long did it take you to make?