Monday, February 18, 2008

This is a friendship block that I did for Kathy S. from my guild. She wanted folksy material so these 2 prints were skaters. I took it to the last meeting and since it was Valentines day alot of people were missing. She was one of the missing so it is still with my meeting stuff. Hopefully she will be there next month.

This is a friendship block that I did for Pam H. She was at the meeting and received it. I am still a few behind on the older friendship blocks but I plan to get busy on those when I get back from my holiday.

We fly out to Tampa tomorrow morning at 8am. So being the early person my husband is....will be at the airport by 5am I'm sure. One advantage of Dave working at the airport. We can wear our winter coats and leave them in his office, work over to the airport terminal inside the building all the way. Then they are there for our return.

Dave is very worried about leaving the kids and that things could go wrong with the house.

I think they will be fine. I usually don't start worrying till we are in the air. He started about 1 week ago.

This block still isn't sewn together. I don't think I'll have time before we leave and now I don't need it till Mar.12 or so. This is a 6 inch block for Sheila G.

I did her a 12 inch one by mistake. Gave it to her anyway but now I'll do a 6 inch.

Well, this is short but I guess that's it for now. I'll have more pictures and work after my holiday. Happy sewing while I'm away.


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