Monday, February 18, 2008

Friday's fab 4 from Feb 8. I was to tell of doneness and do more on feb. 15

Here was my fab 4 for Friday Feb. 8
1. get test pattern made up (as of today it is about 1/2 done or close to it)
Got this about 1/2 done. Still working on it.

2. decide on what pattern i will use for my guild challenge fabric
I know have about 5 patterns to choose from. I'm still thinking about this but plan to
start one after my holiday.

3.get all my stuff, including library, ready for guild meeting
Got this all done and to the meeting....heyheyhey

4. make a couple of cd's for my parents to take with us .
Got this done as well and will be taking 3, I think.

Unfortunately I'll have to wait till I'm back to do another fab 4 , but NancyRose, it is a good idea.
I just need to print it out as well so I keep it in mind as the week goes by. Thanks for the idea.

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