Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jan. 29,2008

edited out picture at request of guild president on a comment of a member.

I've just spent a couple of days cleaning up the house. Jenn turned 15 on Sat. and she wanted to have a shopping at the mall/sleepover party so that's what we were getting ready for. Of course she wanted to sleep in the family room downstairs. That took alot of work. We had to rearranged furniture so that there would be enough floor space to sleep.

We have a pingpong table in the basement and it has been folded with half up for a long time. She wanted it open and usable so that meant changing the position of the couch and chairs down there. Over then I had to move alot of my stuff into my sewing room, the place looked great.

Now I'll have to clean up my sewing room before I can sew again. I drove the girls(5 of them) into the mall. First they stopped at Chapters for books. Chris and I went to the bank, ate at Subway and then picked them up to took them to the mall. They left their heavy coats in the van. It was -35 yesterday. With wind chill it was -42C that's still very cold even in F.

We took extra blankets and stuff in the van just in case of car trouble but all went well. Chris and I went to Zellers and Best buys(he wanted a part for his Xbox), then we headed for Sobeys, a food store and to Dave's work to change vehicles. He drove my car to work and we changed vehicles so that he could pickup the girls after he was finished work. Other then my car needed to be helped to start, everything went well. He was on an audit of a company and they didn't have plug ins for the car so it would not start at first. Chris and I were home just after 3pm.

The cold weather had effected our Internet connection. The temp dropped about 29 degrees in a few hours. The Internet company had to replace some of the main equipment. It went out about 7pm Sunday evening. When we got home on Monday the connection was back.

Well I guess that's about it for now. It's 640am. Dave left for work at 6am. I think I might go back to bed for a bit. Kids are still off school today. New term starts tomorrow. They will be upset to hear that local schools are closed due to cold weather today. They don't get to miss anything because there are no classes till tomorrow anyway. It's supposed to be a little warmer tomorrow.

bye for now and happy quilting


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