Friday, January 11, 2008

jan 11, 2008

picture edited out as requested.
We just got hispeed on Wed. This is the first chance I've had to post. It sure is alot faster. I know I'm going to like this.
The quilt on the bottom is Battenberg lace. Our guild had a class on it but I was either away or working and couldn't attend. The ladies that took it really liked it.
I did buy some of the lace this past summer to give it a try but it is still on my to do list.
I know have 5 days off. I know I could pick up a shift at the other hospital where I work casual but I think I need a few days off.
I'm hoping to get to some sewing today. I need to organize what I should be working on and then I don't get distracted and get nothing done.
Well, guess I should get child 2 up. One is in the shower. Time to get going for school.
It's about -12C this morning.
Happy quilting,

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