Friday, January 18, 2008

jan 18 2008

edited out picture as requested.
I haven't been on line too much. I'm working evenings this week. I'm still sending out my yearly/Christmas greeting to online friends and relatives. I think I'm up to 'J' I really should get some more done tonight. It's already 11:20. I got home form work about 10:15.
Kids are writing exams next week. Should be interesting. Jenn's first high school exams. I just hope that they study enough.
I've 2 more evenings to work. We had a resident pass away this week. It's always so difficult. I'm not good at funerals but I think I'll go to this one. It's Monday and I'm off. This lady was in a fair amount of arthritic pain so at least she is at peace now.
Guess I'd better get to doing some email.
Happy quilting,

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