Thursday, January 3, 2008

christmas block 2007,, wheat bags and pincushion

This is the Christmas block I made for our guild potluck. We have a few draws at our party. Everyone make a Christmas 12 1/2 inch block. Blocks are divided into 3 piles. First draw is for an executive member. Second for a committee head. Third for a member at large. The deal is that each winner should have a quilt made with the blocks by the following Christmas. I won the blocks a number of years ago and just finished my quilt last summer. The picture of that quilt is in an earlier blog. I used blue sashing with it.

This is a basket of small wheat bags that I made for the staff that I work with. I made 45 of them. It took me a whole morning just to get them ready to take to work with the names on them.

These can be used for heat or cold.

This is a heart shaped pin cushion. It is missing the final bow on top. I can't remember if I added it to the one I gave my secret pal. I made 2 of them but didn't finish the second one.

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