Monday, January 14, 2008

how to for under machine tool holder

picture edited out as requested.
Well, Deb(VTQuilter) asked about the pattern for the under machine tool holder that I made for my secret pal.
I don't really have one. Another guild member made a few a couple of years ago for her secret pal, etc and she told us how to make one. I'm really not sure if it was her pattern idea or not.
Anyway, here is what you do. Mearsurement of item is that of a fat quarter. One fq on bottom with print facing out, then batting, then second fq print facing right side to top. So 2 fq's are wrong side together with the batting in the middle. Now quilt as desired. I bought my clear plastic at walmart. Not sure of the thickness. NOt too thick as you have to sew through it. Her item had binding on the top of the plastic. I forgot about that so I did not put it on mine. Plastic depth is about 1/3 of rectangle. Place on top of fabric. Sew down to make 3 pockets or more if desired. You decide on the width of each pocket. Guess it depends what you want to put in them.
Then sew binding around the outside and you are done.
I was trying to copy the picture again but it would not do that. The picture is in the Jan. 2 blog.
Deb also tagged me for the 7 random & wacky thought. I am working on it.
Happy quilting,

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