Sunday, June 28, 2009

quilted cake

This is a picture of a wonderful cake that was made by one of my guild members for our June potluck. It tasted pretty
good too.
I actually been getting some sewing done. I've gotten 3 friendship blocks made for the guild. I am still a few behind. I now belong to a connecting threads group that is doing a birthday swap. There are 20 members. I have 5 blocks done for that.
I have finished the 12 blocks for my guild challenge and now have to decide how to put them together. They are laying out
on the family room floor and I spend time looking at them anytime I go to my sewingroom to sew. What to do, what to do.
Hope everyone is doing good. Happy quilting.

OOps, guess I should have gone to the blog first to see the last message. Shows I really like this cake
second picture added is a sunset from our deck.

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