Wednesday, December 9, 2009

blue bragg creek storm with sashing

Above are the blocks I am making for myself I hope with a pattern by Wayne Kollinger.
I've the attic window sash on 6 or them but haven't gotten any further with it. I want to quilt as I go so there it stands.
Too many other things on the go.

Wow, Hard to believe that I haven't written since Sept. Well, I did have a few changes in my life but you know.
The biggest set back was the sudden death of my step dad. On Oct. 13, he was working on his sailboat in the driveway(storage for the winter) and likely had a massive heart attack. He was 86 and had heart problems for a number of years but it was hard on all of us left behind. My mom has been with him for 39 years. It was a tough time. My hubby and I went to Ont. Dave stayed for 3 days and had to go back to work. I stayed for 3 weeks and couldn't take anymore time off so had to return home and to work.
My Mom headed to Florida early Nov. as they had already rented a place and it would be warm there. She does not do winter well anymore and if she was to be sad, she might just as well be warm. Cold winter would isolate her more. She is sad of course but is doing ok. Having some trouble with only sleeping till about 4am and then not being able to sleep anymore. She has alot of friends there so she is alot busier there, which is good. Not sure what she will do in the summer except that she will return to Ont. and decide about that house and her plans then.

Maybe I will get around to writing a bit more soon.
Have a happy quilting day.


Wayne Kollinger said...


I like the colors you chose. And I like the idea of using Attic Windows sashing to separate the blocks.

But what I like best is that you changed my pattern to make something new.

I'd love to see the final result.

butrfly2200 said...

Wayne, I still haven't got too far on this. I plan to quilt as I go. It's a slow process for me and too many other projects unfortunately. I'm a great started and a very poor completer. but maybe some day soon. You never know.