Sunday, January 3, 2010

So if this works, then you will see a picture of the resulting bag that I got back from an ulgy fabric challenge that I took part in.
I still think that the fabric is awful but it's a nice bag. I use it to take my library books back and get new ones.

Can't believe that I haven't written since Dec. 9. Wow. I must just be not paying attention. I think I'm playing too many games
on facebook. It takes away too much time. I haven't even been sewing much in Dec. How to get back at it soon.
We are going to Cuba for 2 weeks end of Jan. We've never done a 2 week all inclusive before. Should be interesting.

I just finished working 5 days and now have 2 off. Had a great Christmas. Asked for and received a laptop. It sure is nice.
Hope everyone had a nice Christmas season and will have a wonderful new year.


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