Saturday, May 14, 2011

This a guild members quilt from show and tell. Thought I would share it.
I just got back from Iqualit. Hubby went there to work and I tagged along on a standby ticket. It was really nice to go there and see that it is like that far north. Still snow and ice. Temp was about -10 or so. Very sunny most of the time. There was a small snow storm on the second day we were there. The roads had been quite muddy the first morning and then on the second morning everything was hard again on the ground and no mud. Prices were high for most things. 4 litres of milk 2% was $12.95
12 cans of brand name pop....$17.99 2 litres ice cream....$17.99.....Breakfast at the hotel was $35.00 for 2.
Dinner the second night most items on menu were $49.00 an entree. I had Artic Char, Dave had Caribou medallions. Both were very good. We did alot of walking. Very steep hill down into the town from where we were staying. All houses and buildings are built off the ground on stilts as the permafrost would stift the foundations. So no basements.
Did have internet service and satilite t.v.

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