Saturday, September 15, 2007

round robin I worked on

Sat. Sept 15,2007

Hi, Well, It's just lovely here today. I think it's around 24 degrees C. That's in the 70's. 80F =30C.

Anyway, I've been working days. My hubby came home yesterday so didn't get online for very long. Not long enough to write a message anyway. No sewing either.

The picture is of a round robin that I worked on during 2003/2004. I did the outer round.
This picture does show it too well. I'll have to look up a better picture . I can't remember just what I did for it. I really like the centre block of this one.

I hope to get some quilting done Monday evening. I'm out Monday morning for awhile.
I am planning on starting to work on an online class for learning how to make postcards.

I have the tutorials from the teacher. We were to start today but I wasn't up to that after work today. I'm off Monday and Tuesday so we'll see that happens.

Have a good day tomorrow.
:) Carol
Make yourself a great day, only you can.