Saturday, September 29, 2007

Guild round robin 2005(Jean's)

This is a round robin that I worked on for a guild member.

I set up this rr using the same rules as the online one that I had taken part in during 2003/04. The centre block of this one goes to the yellow round. I did the next round. I found the twisted ribbon block pattern online and really liked them. This is the first quilt that I used them in. I've done them a few times now. I just added the twisted ribbon on 2 sides and the narrow blue border on the other 2 sides. Now that I remember the other blue was there when I got the top. So I guess I was the 3rd person to work on this one, not the second. I really liked how it turned out though.

Well guess that's it for now. I have to work again this afternoon. 3 till 930pm

Happy quilting

;) Carol

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