Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Paint chip challenge

Tuesday Sept. 18

My day off. It was great. Cleaned the first part of the morning. Friends of Dave's parents were flying into Calgary and using one of our vehicles to drive down the Blairmore where Dave's parents live. Dave picked them up from the airport(his office is there) and brought them here to get the truck. They didn't stay very long. Just used the bathroom, we loaded up the fish tank in the back to take to Dave's parents and off they went.

Dave and I had lunch and talked and then it was time for me to go to my craft guild meeting.

Had fun at that. Our craft was learning to Quill. Unfortunately, I liked it. So new I have another thing that I like to do. I can see myself doing some of this. Katie, taught us how to do the basic shapes that are used to make so many things. I'm not surprised that I liked it but I don't know when I'm going to find time for all the things that I like to do.....maybe I should stop working outside the home again. Now that the kids are in high school, I'd have alot more time to do my crafts. Don't think Dave would go for that. It thinks it is my turn to work and he'll stay home. He's working on that. For about 5 years I worked 4-6 days a month. Starting last Dec. I started a temporary line that was 14 days a month. That line is now permanent.

He hasn't cut back yet though but he doesn't like his job much anymore. Too much politics in it.

So I'm going to try to insert a picture here. The last 2 pics went to the top of the letter instead of under my writing. I didn't try to move them though, I guess I could try that.

Here goes:It didn't get here on it's own. Went to the top left corner and I moved it. Is there something that I should be doing when I'm uploading it.
Guess I can continue to move it. It works.
The is the top from a Paint chip challenge my guild did. I think that I may still add one more border of the blue to finish it off.
The outside border at present is white. The challenge was that we had to reach into a bag and pick out a paint colour card. There at actually 3 colour choices on each one. My card is in the lower left corner of the top. We had to make the centre block using one of the colour combinations. Everyone used the same pattern for the centre. You could do what you wanted with it after that. We got the pattern from Joanne Middleton. She taught us to do precision quilting with this pattern. She gave us permission to use the pattern for this challenge. She just wants to see some finished items. We are planning to do a group picture at our Christmas meeting. Boy, did they look different with different fabrics. I used any extra blocks that I had cut in my borders.
Well, unfortunately, now I have to go back to work but only for the next 3 days. Wed and Thurs are my regular day shifts and I'm working an evening shift so another staff can attend a seminar. Our evenings at present are only 6 hours so it's not too bad.
Bye for now. Write later.
Keep sewing and sending pictures.
:) Carol

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