Saturday, September 8, 2007

We are going to watch the masters at Spruce Meadows today. We don't go every year but frequently.
Hope it doesn't rain today. Looks nice and sunny at the moment. They have had rain already though
during the week.
I did get a little sewing done yesterday but not much. Went shopping with my daughter after she got home
from school. They have early Fridays. She was home by 1:30. Didn't get home from shopping till 7:30.
We were looking for new jeans or pants for her. Tried on some but they didn't fit right. Came home without any.
We did get groceries and into a thrift shop. Bought some books. My feet were very sore when we got home and I was very tired. So after I ate I just vegged in front of the t.v.
About 11pm went to sewing room and did a little bit more on charity quilts. The block I'm testing, I resewed the seams on the other machine but I'd left the directions upstairs so didn't press seams open because I know that the direction suggested a certain way to press so I'll try to get going on that later tonight.

This was a test. I finally got my daughter to show me how to do this. I can now add pictures to my
Now I'll have to start to take alot more pictures with my camera.

Better go and get ready to leave. Bye for now.
:) Carol

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