Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday,Oct. 1
Hi everyone, is there anyone out there?
This is my Christmas quilt. Each year all the member of my guild bring a Christmas block to our Christmas potluck. We now have several draws with them. I won the blocks along time ago. I think in 1998 or 1999. I just finished quilting this one in the spring of 2006. I have been our librarian since 1996. When I won these blocks I was considered part of the executive. Now we are bigger and I'm a committee leader.
We now have at least 3 draws. One for executive, One for committee leaders and One for a member at large. The pile of blocks is divided evenly. The rule is to have the quilt done by the next Christmas. A few members have actually managed to do that.
Well, I'm finally on a couple of days off. I go to a little bible study group this morning and then I think I might go shopping but not for too long. I would like to get a bit of sewing done.
I got a new bread maker last week with my Club Z points so I really need to have a look at the book and make my first loaf of bread with it. My old one was a one pound loaf. This new one will make 1 , 1 1/2 or 2 pounds. I've had it on the counter for about 4 days and haven't looked for a recipe to try yet.
Well, I guess I'd better go for now.
Happy quilting,
:) CArol

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