Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday, Oct. 16,2007
This program isn't letting me upload a picture tonight. So I guess I'll stop trying.
Had a good day today. It's my Handicraft guild meeting day. We met early as we had 2 projects. The first was material to clear glass plates. It took awhile to dry, so we planned a second craft which was yoyo christmas tree. Both turned out very nice. I could and will do a better job with my tree but I am happy with the plates. I will get some pictures of them soon.

I am working the next 2 days, day shift so I'll not be doing much in the craft/sewing till after Thursday. So this is just a quick note tonight as well.
Hope you are all busy and productive over the next few days.
Take care and Happy quilting.
:) Carol

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