Saturday, October 27, 2007

wheelchair lap quilt front and back

While, I am surprised this one finally uploaded. This is the front of the wheelchair quilt/bag I made for the LTC unit I work on.

I used block made on foundation of dryer sheets (used ones). Some people would call them crumb blocks. I use scraps.

The one on the left I just downloaded and it in the back or inside of the bag, that the feet go into.
These quilts have 2 purposes. One is to keep resident warm. The second is to cover the seat belt so it is forgotten and not played with or undone.
I guess that the uploading function is working again.

Now I have to remember what other pictures I tried to upload and couldn't

I've been working evenings this week. Did 2 extra on Mon and Tues. Then worked till Fri. Had today off and go back for 1 more evening on Sunday.
Dave was working handibus today so Jenn and I went with him and had supper out. Chinese buffet. Very good but I'm very full. Eat way to much at those things.
It's Jenn's favourite restaurant in Sthramore.

I haven't gotten much sewing done lately. Too much working. We finally hired a few people at work so by Dec. we shouldn't have to work the extra shifts. Or at least I hope so.

Well I will close for now.
Happy quilting,

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