Friday, October 5, 2007

oct 5.2007

Friday, Oct. 5, 2007
picture edited out as requested.
Here is fractured quarter. This was a fun round robin we did in my guild.
Oh.....a day off for me. I decided to go get bloodwork done this morning that my doctor ordered in Feb. at my annual check up. I'm really not good at getting this stuff good on myself. It's just to check my fasting blood sugar and my cholesterol. That's why it hasn't been done up to now. I have to fast for 12 hours for the one. Today works for me so I'll go and get it done finally. It's a good thing the doc didn't put the date on the form.
I was just trying to download another picture and I lost it both times so I guess this is it for this email.
Hope to get some sewing done today. I start curling with my hubby tonight. Haven't curled in a very long time. More than 30 years for me About 25 for my hubby. Should be fun though.
I'm almost finished making a wheelchair cover with foot bag, for general use at the long term care unit that I work at. I just have to put the tying strip onto it and it's done.
I have to look at what I want to put on my UFO list for the other group doing that. I can think of at least a couple of things that I'd like to be there.
Guess I should get ready to go to town.
Have a good days.
Happy quilting,


Bethany said...

I saw no one has commented on your blog and I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past several days. I'm usually on Firefox when I read through people's blogs and can't comment using that browser. I'm on IE writing in my blog and thought I'd pop over and say Hello. I do have you on my favorites list as well.

I have loved seeing the quilts.

butrfly2200 said...

Thanks for the comment. I tired to email you but could find you addy. Good to know someone is reading it.
:) Carol