Sunday, October 7, 2007

Friday, Oct. 5

about 615pm

Just want to say thanks for the comments under Butterfly..... I am very lucky to have a great Husband and son to come and get me. I wasn't too tired till about the last 15mins of the drive. I was really glad that I wasn't driving.
Dave actually took the kids to supper out for Chinese buffet in Strathmore. Chris wanted to shop. So after supper they did. Then Chris and Jenn took my car and drove home. They actually had some snow on the way home. They left about 9pm. We were only 35mins behind them and we didn't have any. When we got to our driveway, though , there was snow on the ground. Sitting on the grass but not the driveway.
Dave came into the unit and waited for me to finish my shift. One of the staff , surprised me the next day by saying how handsome she thought my husband was. I agreed with her of course but them I am a little bias about that.
So I worked evenings on Thursday after attending the funeral of one of our residents. It was a very nice service. Elsie was 94 years old and there had been alot of life in her up till this last time she got sick.
She was a wonderful little lady which great red hair. She kept it so dyed that the red frequently came off on the pillow case. But she always had a smile to give even when she wasn't well.
I was a few minutes late for work but I had cleared it with the outgoing RN so that I could attend the funeral. I'm really glad that I went. She was with us for about a year. I'm glad I got to know her a little.
Well, I was just writing to say thanks for the comments and on and on I go. Nikki those aren't quilts I made though. Actually a couple of my secret pals got little wall hangings that I had cross-stitched and then quilted. This year I have an extremely experienced quilter and I'm not sure what I will make.
One year I crocheted an afgan instead of quilting an item. I'm thinking maybe a table runner but I'm not sure yet.
I just went back to read the comments again and found 5 more.
Nikki, I'm going to run out of things to show that are mine soon. I have alot of UFO's though and have to get working on them.
The bread maker looks like it is functioning now. The first loaf did not mix. I guess I had not clicked the basket into place correctly. It was a very noisy run and there was still flour on top. This loaf I am cooking now is almost done. It is smelling up my kitchen...mmmmm. Can't wait. Yes it will be hard not to eat too much. We decided that I would make bread for awhile though instead of buying it all the time.
I do leave the Christmas quilt on the quilt rack all year. I guess the blue sashing made it look less Christmasy.
Well I guess I had better close for now. No picture for tonight or I'll run out too soon.
Hope you all had a great day. We are off to go curling for 9pm. I haven't curled since 1971. My last year of high school , it was an after school thing. I liked it then so hopefully it well still be fun. Dave hasn't curled in a league for over 20 years.
Bye for now.
Happy Quilting,

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