Monday, October 15, 2007

My house

Monday, Oct. 14, 2007

Hi, This is an aerial view of part of my home. The top part is the canal on the left. Our land is from the ridge just the other side of the play structure towards the top left corner. It is pie shaped and goes over to the tree line on the right corner and then quite a piece down the driveway to the top corner of the pie. This picture was taken in 2006 and since then we have built a wooden coral for the horse. In the same area between the house and pond but 60 foot round. The horse shelter is just outside of the coral and there is now a small garage beside the horse shelter.We have a second double garage on the other side of the tree line.

We fill the pond with water from the canal and that waters everything outside. Our property is 4 and 1/2 acres. The part shown above the tree line is likely about 3 acres. The rest is below the tree line in a triangle.

I just went to a very interesting seminar today about Infections and how they develop and are controlled or not. Did you know that some people actually eat chimp and squirrel brains. They both carry disease similiar to mad cow disease.

Vitamen D is one of the best things you can take to boost your immune systems. I found the falling facts interesting. 1. How long does the flu virus live on a doorknob?.....60 minutes

2. How long does the cold virus live in a hotel room?.....24hours

3. How long does TB live in sputum? 2 years

4. How long does MRSA live on a keyboard?.....24 hours

5. How long can Legionella pneumoniae live on a showerhead? ....2 months. When was the last time you cleaned your showerhead? Barb actually recommended soaking the showerhead in CLR for 1/2 hour.

6. How long does herpes simplex live on a toiletseat?....45minutes

7. Which toiletseat is less contaminated?....futherest or closest to the door.

8. How long does E coli O157:H7(hamberger bug) live on a stainless steel countertop?.....60days

9. How long does the SARS virus live in diarrhea....4 days

Hope you found this as interesting as I did. Some of it is scary.

Better sign off for now. Hope you have a good day



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Bethany said...

your house and land seems really nice. Thanks for sharing the picture.

Some of the stuff I knew, some I didn't.