Thursday, October 4, 2007

oct. 4, 2007

Thurs, Oct. 4

picture edited out as requested.

Yesterday was my long day at work. The stroke seminar was very good though. I am glad that I went. They supplied us with lunch and a free pen. The pen is neat. Each time you click the top you get a different sign of stroke. There are 5 mains ones on the pen. So that was cool.

Dave ended up taking the kids out for supper. Chris wanted to do some shopping and he doesn't get out to eat as much as Jenn(He was usually working ) so he told his Dad that he needed to take him out for supper. So all 3 came to Strathmore early, shopped and then at 9pm Chris and Jenn drove home in my car and Dave came inside to wait for me. I got off at 9:30.
I likely could have driven home but I'd been at work or 12hours so thought that I should take the chance. Chris and Jenn hit a little bit of snow on the way home, but by 9:30 Dave and I didn't see any. There was snow on the grass though when we arrived home.

And it is very cold this morning. Below zero celius. Alot of very heavy frost on the grass.
I lite a fire this morning. We have a wood burning fireplace in the livingroom.

Guess that's about it for news today.
Happy quilting,

:) Carol

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