Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I tired again to upload the wheelchair lap quilt front and back and it would not load. Don't know what the problem is. It loaded to serial quilters. Oh well. You just get words here and no pictures for the moment.
Now I need to start another wheelchair quilt. I likely have enough blocks done I just have to start and put some of them together. I showed the quilt at my guild meeting and asked for others to make some so maybe I won't have to make as many now. I know of at least one person making one so that is good.
I worked 2 unexpected evenings so far this week. I am now on my regular shifts starting today. I would be working 7 now instead of my usual 5 except Joanne did find someone to work my Sat. So I will work 5, 1 off and 1 more evening before my 2 off. One staff member has been really sick.
We had a beautiful sunrise this morning. Bright pinks and purples. OUr fall sunrises and sunsets are awesome. More so then the rest of the year. I went outside and took a few pictures. The horses were in the garden so they are in the pictures. After I upload from camera I'll put here.
So I guess that's my news for today.
I took some pictures of fabric plates that I made last weekend. When I get them on the computer I'll put them here.
Happy Quilting,

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