Tuesday, October 30, 2007

oct 30, 2007

picture edited out as requested.

We are going to photo all the others at our Christmas potluck.

I cut out alot of 4 1/2 inch squares last night for more crisscross coasters. They are just so quick and easy to do. Sorry, I haven't taken any pictures of them yet. Maybe later today.

The ferrier is to come and do the horses hooves this morning but then the rest of the day is mine.

WE woke up to snow this morning. A big surprise. I had not heard that we were to get snow so when I saw all that white I had to turn on the outside light to make sure that was what it was.

It is actually not too cold though. Just zero celisus or around 32F. Kids get up in about 10 mins.

They will be surprised too. Good thing it is not a driving day for Chris. I've heard of a few accidents on the roads in town , on the radio this a.m.

One of my bible study friends,(also in my quilting guild) gave me a bag of her scraps from a quilt she just made. They are all hst's cut for the blocks in the quilt. I will have to go through them and iron them and then decide what to do with them.

I one load of laundry in already. It's almost dry and the kids aren't even up yet. We get up at 5:30. Dave leaves for work at 6. When I'm on days, I leave at 6 as well and the kids then have to get themselves off to school. But at 14 and 17, they can manage that once in a while, even though they are geneally spoiled normally. Doesn't them good to get their lunch occassionally.

Guess I'll post this one.

Happy quilting


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