Monday, October 6, 2008

Good morning, Well I finally got back into my sewing room. I am working on a challenge from the Strathmore quilt shop. It's a panel of comical ladies quilting. Each piece cuts apart in an interesting manner though so it was a challenge to get them to go into blocks. I have then all framed now and the job at hand now is to decided how to put the different sized blocks into a wall hanging or quilt.
So while I think on that I am also making a bunch of wheat bags. The last couple of gifts I had to get ready, I had to make the wheat bags up as I didn't have any on hand to give. I cut out alot of bags yesterday. I serge the seams first and then sew 2 extra sewing for security. Fill with wheat and sew shut with 3 seams.
My camera is at present in Switzerland with my husband. He left on Sat. for a course. He comes home next Sat.
I really need to learn how to resize my pictures. I think that is why they are not coming up correctly on here. They used to be okay but blogger must have changed something.
Well, I guess it's time to get Jenn up for school. Talk later. Happy quilting.

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Jen said...

Hi! Good to hear from you, I didn't know you had a blog over here on blogger, I wondered where you went. =)

The phrases are all individual wallhangings that will be either hung in a little cluster on his wall or scattered on all 4 walls.

Feel free to use the idea all I really did was take what they wanted, found a cool font and then manipulated it to be the size I wanted.