Sunday, May 2, 2010

Haven't had much time to sew this last week. We bought a new car...It's in my name...of course so is the loan but that's okay.
First time I've owned a new car. It's only a 2 seater but it is really nice to drive. I just have to learn not to buy too much when I shop and that could be a good thing. I buy way too much anyway.
Dave and I drove the new car around a very big circle this past Friday and Saturday. Started from home...Calgary...ended toward Banff and onto Radium, B.C. Stayed the night near there in a little cabin with a hot tub for 2. It was great. The place is called Addison's bungalows. Very nice. Then we drove home the long way. Through Invermere, Kimberley and Cranbrook, Fernie and Blairmore and then up highway 2 through Nanton. I got into 2 quilt store. Lucky me. One in Kimberley and the other in Coleman.
Even bought a few pieces of fabric.
It was a really nice trip and the new car was great. Our 21st anniversary was on Thursday so that was the reason for the trip.
We both enjoyed it. I missed Quilts Canada but had a great time with my hubby so that was more important. And then I still got into 2 quilt shops so all is good.
Happy quilting everyone.

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