Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hi everyone,  Well. I haven't been blogging much.  
This is our guild challenge, that is to be done by our June meeting.
This has been at this point for a couple of months.  I'm trying to decide on what to do next.  I have 2 more pieces of fabric that I can add to it but can't decide on what to do next.   I used  all 4 pieces given to us for the bargello centre.  The extra 2 pieces are a beige and a different blue.   Anyone have any great ideas???  I may just have to take it to the meeting this way if I don't get inspired soon

Our house is full of colds at the moment.  Chris had a cold first.  Then me. Chris is better, I'm getting there. Dave and Jenn are bad with it now.  Hopefully it will leave soon.
Below is my last fab 4 for Friday:
So now what will I do for May fab 4 for Friday MAY 16
Basically I'm just going to try again.
1. On Summer swirls decided on next border and get it done. There is a border suggested with the pattern, I have to decide if I will use that or something different.  Also have to unsew 2 areas to fix before moving on with borders.
2. Decide on final borders and get them done on guild challenge piece.
3. Finish 2nd round on virual round robin
4. Make ties longer on charity wheelchair quilt.So now what will I do for May fab 4 for Friday.

I haven't managed to get anything done so now I will try once again to get the above done as my
fab 4 for Friday May 22.

I am ever hopeful.  Maybe this time.  The list thing can work, if I find the time to get to my sewing room.
My mother in law is now home from the hospital and on the mend.  She had more problem with her gout then with incision pain.  My sister in law is with her for awhile.  We'll likely go down when I'm off and everyone is over the colds
Well, guess maybe I should get something done here today.  I was home sick from work.  Hope it helps with the recovery time.
Bye for now
Happy quilting to all,

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