Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hi, boy the time is passing. Jenn starts grade 12 on Tues. Aug. 31. Another year and her last in high school.
The picture here is a runner I made for a coworker that got married this weekend. The shower was some time ago, while it July, it seems a long time ago. I used the left over hst's from another project and made my own design with them. I kind of liked it and wasn't sure if I wanted to give it away but I didn't have time to make anything else for her so she got it.
I'm starting to pack up stuff for my son to move into residence next Sunday. That will be an experience for him. It will be different only have one kid home most of the time. I got 4 more blocks quilted for the quilt that I am making for my dad.
That's for row 2 and now I only have 3 more rows to go. The blocks are about 16 inches so 4 across covers our queensized bed.
I'm making a rag quilt with picture flannel on the back and birds in flight and trees on the front.
Hope it turns out okay. I need to have it done soon. He is undergoing radiation and chemo for cancer of the esphagous.
Should already be done but it's taking me longer then I figured.
Happy quilting everyone.


Carolyn in NC said...

Hi Carol, check your yahoo mail, I left a message there.

Carolyn in NC said...

I just noticed something at the bottom of this comment that says email follow-up comment to my e-mail address. I am going to check it and see what happens.