Friday, August 1, 2008

visitor counter

Hi everyone,
I just added a visitor counter this morning. That wasn't too hard. Didn't know what to start it at so chose zero.
I have to start somewhere so I guess that's good.
I've been reading through alot of new blogs, following all these giveaways out there.
My giveaway is today , so I'll wait till I get home tonight after work and have a look to see the number of comments and draw the winner. The prize is still not yet totally decided. I'll make that chose when I draw the name. Thanks for a ll the comments and putting my blog link on your sites.
Happy quilting.


Lyn said...

Hello Carol, I see you took my advice.I am not that proficient with the computer, but, after a few tries you get there.Warmest Regards lyn

Sherri (speedyqltr) in Ontario, Canada said...

Hi Carol,

I've looked through your entire blog, and it looks great!

I did notice however, that whenever you load a new page to look at, it adds another number to the counter, so when I started, it was at 300 and it's now up in the high 300+teens.......? Hope I didn't mess it up for you!

You have some gorgeous stuff, and I've left several comments for you :)

I've got you bookmarked on my favourites now,

Take care, Sherri in Ontario Canada