Friday, December 21, 2007

dec 21, 2007

picture edited out as requested.

It's been awhile since I've had time to write.

My MIL fell. We've been there on my days off. Although they have hispeed I didn't get much computer time. Someone else on it alot.

Husband and daughter playing online games.

I am home now but working evenings till Sunday. Then off for 2 and back on evenings on the 26 and 27.

My MIL is home from hospital and during fairly well. We did leave Jennifer there to help out for this week. Her school marks are in the 90's or high 80's and she got all assignments for this weeks so she'll be okay missing a week of school.

I haven't had any time for sewing but maybe on my days off coming up. I did make over 40 small wheat bag for gifts for my coworkers. I got them all ready to take to work yesterday morning. Didn't have alot of time to do anything else as I couldn't get the printer to print so I had to write the directions out by hand. That took awhile. But they are all at work now and some have them to take home.

While I guess I'll close for now. I'm up to get Chris off to school.

Happy quilting,


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