Saturday, December 29, 2007

dec 29, 2008

picture edited out as requested
I had a new picture uploaded the other day, can't remember which one , had the note all done and it all get lost while it was publishing to post.
We had a quiet Christmas. Had a full hot turkey dinner but we all were in our housecoats for the meal. It was still very nice.
I was the only one that had to get dressed on D.26. I had to work evenings then and D.27. The 26th was a nice shift but we had an unexpected death on D.27 about 7:30pm. I really feel that it was best for this resident but that didn't make it any easier to deal with. Especially hard on the family.
I have a few days off now. I go back to work on Jan. 2(Wed). Hope our newest resident has settled down. He is very aggressive and difficult to manage.
I haven't done much sewing lately. I did get into my sewing room but only pinned somemore scrap blocks for tags and my charity quilts.
I will try to upload my camera in the next few days.
Happy New Year to all,
:) Carol

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